Pemberton to Northcliffe | Distance: 59km

Along The Track

The walk from Pemberton to Northcliffe is well known for pleasant walking through the karri forest. As it’s only a three day, two night walk between towns it is the perfect section for a quick getaway. It boast the famous Gloucester Tree which is well worth a climb – but take off your pack before you climb the 61 metres to the top!

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  • Gloucester Tree - the world's tallest fire lookout tree, 61 metres high. Climb to the top on the steel rungs.
  • The Cascades -  a series of picturesque waterfalls that flow from Lefroy Brook.
  • The Pemberton Tramway station near the Cascades.
  • The Warren River meanders to the west of the Bibbulmun Track and there are some access points for a quick dip.
  • River Rd Bridge - an informal recreation area, it is the site of an old wooden trestle bridge over the Warren River.
  • Schafer campsite swimming hole - great on a warm day.
  • The Northcliffe Forest Park is the first sign for southbound walkers that they are close to town. It is a favourite picnic site for locals.

Interesting Places

  • The Warren National Park and Heartbreak Trail has secluded campsites along the Warren River as well as a 10km circuit walk.
  • The Beedelup National Park is home to Beedelup Falls, a 10 metre waterfall surrounded by karri forest with a loop trail, lookout and swing bridge.
  • The Yeagerup Sand Dunes are the largest land-locked dunes in Australia and span a massive 10km long by 3km wide.
  • Various trout farms and wineries will cater to your tastes.
  • Climb the Bicentenial Tree and the Gloucester and Diamond Tree fire lookout towers. The lookouts at the top of each tree give outstanding views of the area.
  • Take the Pemberton Tramway on a journey through the forest to the Cascades - combine it with a walk back along the Bibbulmun Track.
  • Take the Karri Forest Explorer drive - a well sign-posted scenic drive that loops through many of Pemberton’s attractions, including lookouts and wineries. You can tune into your car radio at various locations and learn about the area.

Day Walks

  1. Pemberton to Cascades and back (17km). Make the walk 6km shorter and start from the Gloucester Tree just out of town. Look for signs on Ellis St (off the main street) in Pemberton.
  2. Pemberton to River Rd Bridge one-way (22.2km). To get to River Rd Bridge (15km) from Pemberton, take Burma Rd, (becomes Spring Gully Rd), left onto Collins Rd, right on Moons Crossing Rd and right on River Rd to the bridge. 
  3. Gloucester Rd to River Rd Bridge and back (16.2km). From Pemberton, take Burma Rd, then turn right onto Gloucester Rd.
  4. Wheatley Coast Rd to Schafer Campsite and back (8.2km). From Manjimup travel 29km on the South Western Highway and then turn onto Wheatley Coast Rd for 7km. From Northcliffe travel north past the hotel on Wheatley Coast Rd for 14km.
  5. Hill Brook Rd to Northcliffe via Schafer campsite one-way (14.6km). From Manjimup travel 29km on the South Western Highway and then turn onto Wheatley Coast Rd. Drive for 16.7km and turn right onto Hill Brook Rd. 

Overnight Walks

  1. Pemberton to Warren campsite and back (40.6km, two days, one night).
  2. Pemberton to Northcliffe (55.3km, three days, two nights).
  3. Northcliffe to Schafer campsite and back (28km, two days, one night).

Getting There

Pemberton is located 327km south of Perth. It is just under four hours drive from Perth via the Kwinana Freeway, the Forrest, South Western and Vasse Highways (via Manjimup). From Manjimup drive another 16km south until you reach the Pemberton turnoff. Drive another 16km along the Vasse Highway to Pemberton.

TransWA operate services most days to Pemberton from Perth via Bridgetown and Manjimup.

TransWA also operates between Pemberton and Northcliffe most days.

Northcliffe is 30 minutes from Pemberton via the Vasse Highway and Pemberton-Northcliffe Rd.

Some accommodation providers will transfer you to the Track, provided you are staying with them.

Reflections from the Register

Warren campsite

A fit and energetic Sherpa to accompany me (and my colleagues who are happy to carry their own packs) on the last 18 days of our end-to-end walk. Unfortunately there is no attractive salary package but I will supply delicious meals and evening entertainment. Guarantee that you will not have to walk after 5pm If you are interested in this highly sought after position, contact Marika and submit your résumé.
Team BTM 22/03/09

Schafer campsite

This was my last night in the forest and I’m so sad about it! I heard emus playing in the water during the night. The bush is full of peaceful animals. Seeing no human for three days was good for me. Thank you again for all the work done on the Track.
Bertrand Landhauser (France), 23/02/05

A moment ago I had a magical moment. Went down to look at the lake as the sun was setting and the clouds were turning orange (in between showers) and a beautiful rainbow appeared, reflected in the still lake. Unbelievably good.
Braveheart, 16/05/04

Yep, us hot weather walkers aren’t yet used to this….rain you call it. Yeah this little goose is still to learn to relax and let go….no need to arrive by X or walk as fast as Y. Into my fifth week on the track and it’s a long and slow wearing down of these driving thoughts. A gentle weathering of my black and white attitudes:
“This is not a black and white world
To be alive the colours must swirl
And I believe that maybe today
We will all get to appreciate the beauty of grey”.
Wildrose (the greying gosling), 2 Dec 2006

‘What is the date?’ That is what it is all about – time/dates/work disappear!  This is my virgin hut stay – my thanks to my groupies - to Wyn and Ray - to supporting me in this adventure - beautiful cold night - hard to play cards with gloves - and I thought the geese were music in the night.
Cathy (Geraldton), 5 Oct 2006

Such a beautiful camp site. I reckon that one of the great attributes to this track and experience is to learn to leave a small footprint. In society our footprints are so huge, but out here they’re almost acceptable. Even learning how to use less water is a blessing. I just hope that I and every other track walker tries to carry on some of these good habits learnt out here.
Rone Man of Melbourne, 7 Sept 2006

I think it is time I had a track name. I’ve been walking the track for 17 days now and every one I’ve met seems to have their own quirky name! I’ve met ‘The Mad Axeman’ (the 70 year old machine who’s done the track about 10 times! WOW!) - The ‘P’ Sycho Sisters – two very funny ladies fundraising for Cancer (good onya girls) – Mountain Tim – (A relaxed sort of guy just taking his time and loving the bush!) Just to name a few.
So I got thinking about what a good name for me would be! And after a lot of deliberating I’ve settled on something I thinks suits me just fine! My Grandfather used to call me it and since we’re in the bush I thought it would be very fitting ……from here on in I will be signing in as KANGA REUBEN!! Yeah, Kanga Reuben I like it! It’s got a bit of bounce to it don’t you think? Get it ….kangaroo-ben!
Kanga Reuben, 22 Aug 2006

Track Towns

  • Pemberton

    Pemberton is situated in a valley, surrounded by the karri forests of the Gloucester National Park and the Pemberton Forest Park. It is a pretty timber town, which enjoys a cool climate and has a good variety of attractions, so it’s worth planning to stay an extra day or two.

  • Northcliffe

    Located 360km south of Perth, Northcliffe has the unique distinction of being the only town founded in WA specifically for the First World War Group Settlement Scheme. There is an old fashioned country, community spirit that is still alive in Northcliffe, which has existed since the early settlement days.


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