Feed the Hike

Feed the Hike is about sustaining your Adventure with great nutrients in your diet through simple, lightweight food. Over the many decades they have been hiking long-distance trails and have noticed that most people do not carry the right type of food so they are not getting the nutrients their body needs. Feed the Hike products will not only give the adventurer a great source of nutrients but also delivered in a lightweight and convenient way.

All their products are made with REAL FOOD, packed with loads of vegetables, and produced so the adventurer can get a quick meal without using a lot of fuel and water. Their food is fully dehydrated and there are NO hidden nasties added at all. The packaging is small so it can pack in ones backpack without taking up too much room.

All products are Vegetarian/Vegan Meals as we are seeing a great shortfall in this market.

They currently have in their range, (that is expanding all the time) 8 delicious soups to choose from. All of the soups come in two sizes – lunch serve making up 250ml and dinner serve making up 400ml.

Their current meal range consists of 3 Yummy Risotto Meals and there is the Side-Kick range with Sweet Mash Potato and Quick Rice.

Head to www.feedthehike.com and use promo code BIBB5 to receive 5% off your purchase.