Celebrate our 25th year with an adventure!

Join the 25th Anniversary Celebrations as a Sectional Walker. There are 12 sections to choose from with varying degrees of difficulty, length of walk and nights spent on the Track. There are only limited spots available for each section - book early!

The benefits of participation as a sectional walker 

  • Opportunity to be part of an historic, prestigious event that will mark the 25th Anniversary of the opening of one of the world's great long distance walking tracks.
  • Discovery and enjoyment of some of the most beautiful and wild areas of the south-west whilst having minimum impact on the environment.
  • A sense of achievement of walking a section and also being part of the official walk.
  • An excellent opportunity to meet many other walkers (those completing the whole walk, town-to-town sections or just a shorter day walk) and perfect for those with experience but who would rather not complete a section alone.
  • Support and leadership from trained guides. 
  • Emergency backup from guides, the Foundation and the Parks and Wildlife Service.
  • Opportunity to purchase an exclusive Celebrating the Journey shirt.
  • Bibbulmun Track map relevant to your section. 
  • Remote food drops (where noted on longer sections only).
  • Pre-walk briefing (online).
  • Manual with notes on equipment, food, official walk protocols and guidelines, first aid and training information.
  • Bus transport on selected sections.
  • Special discounted gear from our sponsors.
  • Participation in community events in each town along the way.
  • Invitation for all walkers and immediate family to the major celebrations in Donnelly River Village.


Bookings are now open. Follow the links from within this table for more information and bookings.



  Section  Dates Walking days Rating ^ Distance (approx.)
1 Kalamunda to Brookton Hwy (a) # 14 July – 17 July (b) Intermediate 75km
2 Brookton Hwy to North Bannister (c) # 17 July – 21 July 5 Intermediate 70km
3 North Bannister to Dwellingup (d) # 21 July (3pm) – 26 July 5 Intermediate 70km
4 Dwellingup to Collie (e) * 26 July – 3 August 7 Experienced 130km
5 Collie to Balingup (f) # 3 August – 8 August 4 Intermediate - Experienced 85km
6 Balingup to Donnelly River Village (g) # 8 August – 13 August 3 Intermediate 60km
7 DRV to Pemberton (g) * 12 August – 18 August 5 Experienced 110km
8 Pemberton to Northcliffe # 18 August – 22 August 3 Intermediate 60km
9 Northcliffe to Walpole * 22 August – 30 August 7 Experienced 140km
10 Walpole to Peaceful Bay (g) # 30 August – 3 September 4 Intermediate 60km
11 Peaceful Bay to Denmark (g) 3 September – 7 September 3 Experienced 65km
12 Denmark to Albany * 7 September – 14 September 6 Intermediate 80km

Table key 

^ Ratings are only a guide and are subjective. A good to excellent level of fitness plus overnight hiking experience carrying an overnight pack is required for all sections. Participants must be fit and able to carry an overnight backpack with all gear (eg tent, clothes, stove etc) and food. No section is rated at the beginner level although those with only a little previous overnight experience will not necessarily be prevented from walking. Please contact us for advice.


(a) Bus transport is available from Brookton Hwy to Murdoch park’n’ride on the late afternoon of 17 July.
(b) Walkers have the opportunity to stay an extra night at Brookton Campsite and walk out with the core walkers on the morning of Tueday 18 July (own transport) making this a four night/five-day section.
(c) Bus transport is available from Murdoch park’n’ride (early afternoon) to Brookton Hwy on 17 July and then from North Bannister to Murdoch park’n’ride on 21 July.
(d) Bus transport is available from Murdoch park’n’ride (early afternoon) to North Bannister on 21 July and then from Dwellingup to Murdoch park’n’ride on 26 July.
(e) Bus transport is available from Murdoch park’n’ride (morning) to Dwellingup on 26 July and then from Collie to Murdoch park’n’ride on 3 August.
(f) Bus transport is available from Murdoch park’n’ride (morning) to Collie on 3 August.
(g) Local bus transfers connecting with nearby TRANSWA services may be available.
* Remote food drop included.
# Suit either the Bronze or Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Online Briefing

An online briefing (planning night) will be held in June and participants are expected to attend. The date for the online briefing will appear on the each of the section booking pages. Please note it in your diary when making a booking. We will cover all aspects of the walk and answer your questions. 

Walk dates and Pre-walk Briefing

Participants will need to be present for a final pre-walk briefing the afternoon on the first day (except Section 1 where there will be a short briefing early on the morning of departure). The dates listed in the table above are inclusive of the day you need to be at the start location and allow for travel to and from the walk. See each section booking page for more information.

This is a very prestigious event, and we expect that, similar to Bibbulmun Walk ’98 and Bibbulmun Walk ‘08, there will be many registrations.

Thank you for considering joining us in our 25th Anniversary celebrations. We are very proud to have reached this milestone and are very happy that we can celebrate it with so many people. We hope you can join us.