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About volunteering

With over 1000km of Track to help maintain and many activities to administer and deliver, the Foundation needs your support to ensure that the Track remains a well-utilised, well-maintained and well-loved facility for current and future generations to enjoy.

Our volunteer program relies on the community – and walkers of the Bibbulmun Track, in particular – to assist in delivery of the Foundation’s programs and services.

Around 360 volunteers help to maintain the Bibbulmun Track.

The Volunteer Program supports the mission of the Foundation through:

  • Community participation contributing to physical and social well-being.
  • Development of opportunities for tourism, employment and education.
  • Protection of the natural, cultural and heritage values of the Track.
  • Attraction of funds and other resources.
  • Advocacy for protection of the Track from adverse impacts.

Volunteers contribute their time to the BTF for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Wanting to ‘give back’ after enjoyable and meaningful walking experiences.
  • Helping to conserve and maintain the Track.
  • Wanting to be fit, to be outdoors and to be involved with nature.
  • Being part of a community of like-minded people.
  • Feeling they have something, such as skills, to offer the Foundation.
  • Developing their skills in leadership, Track maintenance or guiding.
  • Accessing training opportunities.
  • Helping to ‘spread the word’ and raise people’s awareness of a world-class facility that is freely available for everyone to use.

Be assured that the Foundation is committed to ensuring that your volunteering experiences will be rewarding, pleasant, enjoyable and safe.  Hear one of our volunteers, Charmaine, talk about her experiences in this video.

How can I help? 

Volunteers are thanked and celebrated at events during the year.


Ode to our volunteers

Our vollies are a funny lot
They work hard and whinge a lot
About the scrub they have to hack
Laying all across the Track


And in the office too
There are lots of things to do
Lick the stamps, answer the phone
Working fingers to the bone


Upon our vollies we depend
To keep the Track free end-to-end
Of trees that have over blown
All of this they do alone


Answer questions by the score
Of people coming to our door
Telling them just what we think
When they want to take the kitchen sink


Vollies are the backbone of this organisation
With lots of skills and occupation
With smiling face they never shirk
Even the most unpleasant work


Our vollies they are versatile
Never frown, always smile
Fighting ants and sucking ticks
As they pick up rocks and sticks


So if you’re retired and nought to do
Come on down, we’ll find a job for you
Join our happy band of volunteers
It will keep you occupied for years


Once a year we get a reward
For all the work hours that we’ve scored
So come down and join our list
Without our vollies we can’t exist.

Jim Freeman (aka The Mad Axeman)