The Bibbulmun Track crosses the Mundaring Weir Wall.
The Bibbulmun Track crosses the Mundaring Weir Wall.
The Track does not pass through the village of Mundaring but does cross its most popular feature, the Mundaring Weir, 7km from the centre of the village. Mundaring is a vibrant cultural community and a haven for nature-based activities, especially walking and cycling.

The pristine beauty of the weir makes it a popular spot to visit. Rolling lawns and natural bush surround the weir and the Bibbulmun Track goes across the weir wall. 

As well as being an idyllic place for bushwalking, Mundaring Weir is one of the world's greatest engineering projects and an important part of Western Australia's heritage. Completed in 1903, the Weir was the start of the water pipeline that pumped water to the Kalgoorlie goldfields, some 700km away. 

At the foot of the weir is the Number 1 Pump Station Museum where you can learn more about the brilliant engineer behind the project, C.Y. O'Connor, who endured much public criticism and tragically took his own life.

Down the Track

Dwellingup is the next town south of Mundaring. The walk between Mundaring Weir and Dwellingup (180km) takes approximately 13 days.

North Bannister is 8-10 days (120km) south of Mundaring Weir. Whilst it is not a town, there is a roadhouse (known as Threeways). Check out the Diversions and Other Impacts section at the Track conditions page for the Darling Range for its current status.

For travel details to Mundaring view the Section by Section guide for the Darling Range.

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