Trailing Around the World

  • Thru-hiking the PCT

    • From: Veronika Winkler, Bavaria

    In 2022, BTF members and End-to-Enders Michael Schulze and Veronika Winkler set out to thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) in the USA. The PCT is a wilderness trail stretching 4246km from the Mexican border to the Canadian border through Californian desert, the high alpine regions of the Sierra in California, over the hills of Oregon and the Cascade Ranges of Washington. These are some of the highlights of their trek, told by Veronika:

  • The South Downs Way, England

    • From: Jim Baker, WA

    The South Downs Way in the south-east of England stretches 100 miles (160km) along the rolling hills separating Winchester and Eastbourne, and then joins the south coast for a final few miles high up on the famous white cliffs overlooking the English Channel. Jim tells the story of his journey....

  • The Three Capes Track, Tasmania

    • From: Alan Pitman and Denise Hilsz, WA

    In January of 2017, husband and wife Alan Pitman and Denise Hilsz, long time members of the Bibbulmun Track Foundation and addicted walkers, celebrated the New Year in a unique way by walking the Three Capes Track in Tasmania. They would like to share their experience with the many friends of the Bibbulmun Track who share their love of walking— anywhere, anytime: “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” Albert Einstein

  • Shikoku 88 Temples Walk, Japan

    • From: Su Becket, WA

    The fourth-largest of Japan's islands, Shikoku, is home to the 88 Temple Pilgrimage Trail. Pilgrims have walked the trail for 1200 years and even today pilgrims in their distinctive attire and white cloaks are to be seen throughout the island. The full pilgrimage route encircles Shikoku and connects 88 Buddhist temples, covering more than a thousand kilometres. BTF member and very experienced walker Su Becket explored the whole trail in 50 days, in 2016. These are her recollections.

  • Fantastic Walking in the Italian and Swiss Alps

    • From: Barry and Daphne Bastow, WA

    Long time members and End-to-Enders Barry and Daphne Bastow recently completed some walks in the Alps, here are their impressions.

  • Offa’s Dyke Path, Welsh border, UK

    • From: Jim Baker, WA

    Some time around about 750AD, Offa, King of Mercia and overlord of the greater part of England, decided to dig a ditch, or dyke, some 180 miles long marking the border of his kingdom with Wales. The Path follows the original line of the Dyke in many places, where even after twelve hundred years the earthwork is still clearly visible.

  • The Heysen Trail

    • From: Sophie Giles, WA

    BTF member Sophie Giles and her eleven year-old son Hunter recently took a five day walk in the Flinders Range from Parachilna Gorge to Wilpena Pound. These are reflections from their walk:

  • Hadrian’s Wall Path

    • From: Jim Baker, WA

    Hadrian's Wall Path cannot be described as a wilderness walk in the way that the Coast to Coast Path or the Pennine Way can—only on the central section across the Pennines is there any real feeling of remoteness. However the fascination of the Wall, its history and its sheer magnificence make this a walk well worth doing. The route is very well signposted and the track itself well maintained. And for once, the British weather was kind!

  • Trailing around the world - A Snippet of The Continental Divide Trail, USA

    • From: Katie Stevens, Perth, WA

    In 2018, Katie and her husband decided to tackle the Continental Divide Trail in the USA. This 5000 km journey along the Continental Divide of The Americas took them through 5 states, starting from the Mexican Border and finishing in Canada. The hike was completed in just over 5 months, and here is just one of many stories from this huge adventure.

  • “Aussie Legs” Hike the Appalachian Trail

    • From: Alana Reid, Perth, WA

    In 1999, Su Beckett took daughters Alana (9) and Lindsey (8) on an unsupported end-to-end trek on the Bibbulmun Track. Then reading Bill Bryson's book “A Walk in the Woods” started a new idea—walking a 2200 mile (3500km) footpath which crossed through 14 states of the USA on its way from Georgia to Maine. Could they do it? Read on.

  • Mountains to Mediterranean on the Pyrenees

    • From: Steve Sertis, Perth WA

    In June the Bibbulmun Track Foundation hosted a trip walking both the Camino and a route through the Pyrenees. Previous articles in Bibbulmun News have already addressed trekking on the Camino so this article is focused on the second part of our trip—a five day Mountains to Mediterranean trek.

  • Jeju Olle Trail, South Korea

    • From:

    The Jeju Olle Trail consists of more than twenty individual interconnected tracks on beautiful Jeju Island.

  • Bruce Trail, Canada

    • From:

    Conceived in the early 1960s, The 890 kilometre Bruce Trail, Canada's oldest and longest marked footpath provides the only continuous public access to the magnificent Niagara Escarpment, which runs predominantly from east to west from New York State, through Ontario, Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois. The escarpment is most famous for the cliff over which the Niagara River plunges at Niagara Falls, for which it is named.

  • Austria, the Hiker’s Paradise

    • From: Edith Thomas, Perth, WA

    In August 2012 BTF Volunteer Edith Thomas and a party of friends spent time walking in the Austrian mountains. Edith has written this account of their adventures.

  • A Week on the Camino Trail

    • From: Mike Wood, Perth, WA

    Mike Wood, chairman of the BTF and managing director of Peregrine Travel Centre WA led a group of walkers along part of the Camino Trail in October last year. This is his account of their walk: