Tales from the Track

We are always looking for stories for both our website and the member's magazine 'Bibbulmun News'. Why not email your story of adventure? Photos are more than welcome!

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  • Walking and Birding the Bibbulmun Track

    • From: Aernout Nieuwkerk, UK

    Aernout Nieuwkerk (aka The Birdman) is a BTF member and avid bushwalker and bird watcher. He completed an end-to-end walk in 2019 and, incredibly, spotted 117 species of birds along the way. This is his story.

    • 5 August 2020
  • The conversion of a non-walker!

    • From: Michael O'Connor, NSW

    We have met many characters at the BTF, but Michael O'Connor comes to the top of the list for the sheer guts of those that we have tried to assist in walking our Track from end-to-end. Read his story and see why.

    • 17 January 2020
  • End-to-ending with a bit of planning advice

    • From: Robert Carter, NSW

    Robert Carter, a very experienced bushwalker and member of the Sydney Bush Walkers, joined up with friends to walk the Bibbulmun Track end-to-end in May/June 2016. This is his account of their experience, and an illustration of how planning in advance made that experience all the more enjoyable. Read on.

    • 17 January 2020
  • Five years around Mount Chance

    • From: Sandy Maley, WA

    Maintenance Volunteer Sandy Maley has recently made the decision to retire from her section of the Track. Sandy is an avid lover of the bush, and highly knowledgeable about its flora—these are some of her reminiscences from her years on the Track:

    • 16 January 2020
  • One breath at a time - #ihavelungs Walk

    • From: Carolyn Riordan and Penni Ellis, NSW

    Despite being a non-smoker, Carolyn Riordan, daughter of one of the Track’s founders, Peter Hewett, has lung cancer. In a tribute to their Dad's legacy, Carolyn and her sister, Penni Ellis, walked the Bibbulmun Track to raise awareness that 10 to 15% of people who contract the disease have never smoked. This is their story, as told by Penni.

    • 16 January 2020
  • Celebrating Milestones - Our 2000th Registered End-to-Ender!

    • From: Twynam Cunningham, WA

    In the 20th year of the ‘new’ Bibbulmun Track the Foundation was delighted to congratulate the 2000th individual to register their end-to-end! To put this in perspective, we must emphasise that this is the 2000th registered end-to-end walker. We are well aware that many people walk the whole Track and never register their achievement. If you are one of these people – it’s not too late! Download the forms from our website and send them in to claim your end-to-ender status and badge. Huge congratulations to Twynam who not only walked the full length of the Track but actually started at his mum's house at Middleton Beach in Albany and finished at his sister’s house in Cottesloe celebrating his 60th birthday along the way. Here is his story...

    • 16 January 2020
  • LEGO man

    • From: Claus Steensbech, Roskilde, Denmark

    With 16 months leave up his sleeve, Claus set off from Roskilde in Denmark to find adventure. He walked the Shikoku 88 Temples route in Japan, cycled the 3000 kilometre Tour Aotearoa in New Zealand and walked the Jeju Olle Trail in South Korea. It was on the Jeju Olle that Claus saw the Friendship Trail sign for the Bibbulmun Track – and found his final adventure.

    • 15 January 2020
  • A walk to last a lifetime

    • From: Allan McKechnie, Bruce Seligmann and Peter West, WA

    Allan McKechnie, Bruce Seligmann and Peter West (The Gourmates) recently completed their sectional end-to-end after some 14 years. Allan composed poems for 19 of their 39 walks. The following verses describe their first walk, In the Beginning and their final walk, Sandpatch Sojourn. For clarification readers need to know that Bruce is referred to as "BP"—his nickname is Black Pud.

    • 15 January 2020
  • From Bonny Scotland to the Bibbulmun Track

    • From: Hammy, Carol, Amber and Gordon Russell, Scotland

    In November last year Hamilton ("Hammy") Russell and his wife Carol embarked on an end-to-end walk on the Track with their two kids, Amber (11) and Gordon (9). They made the trip to Perth from Scotland for the sole purpose of walking the Track. I had the privilege of offering advice to this great family to help them plan their trek and of meeting up with them before and after the event. This is their story, as told by Carol.

    • 9 April 2019
  • A Family Adventure

    • From: Tamsin Read, Rolf, Katherine and Zephyr Heidecker , Fremantle, WA

    Bibbulmun Track Foundation members Tamsin Read and her husband Rolf Heidecker decided to do an end-to-end with their children Catherine (9) and Zephyr (6). This is her story—the accompanying pictures say it all!

    • 7 April 2017
  • Close to the marrow: walking on despite fear and falling in love with the Bibbulmun

    • From: Lucy Ridsdale (aka Wildgoose), Perth, WA

    Ngalla katitj Nyungar moort keyen kadak nidja moordich kwobbadak Boodjar - We acknowledge Nyungar people as the traditional custodians of this good, beautiful country. Ngarn djerup djerup yennow nidja Nyungar Boodjar - I am happy to walk on Nyungar country.

    • 13 December 2016
  • The Northernmost Waugal

    • From: Michael and Veronica Schulze, Germany

    Last year Michael and Veronica Schulze, from Germany, completed an end-to-end walk of the Track. I had the pleasure of walking with them between Walpole and Northcliffe, during which time the subject of the location of the northernmost Waugal marker was discussed. A claim for this distinction was made in issue #62 of Bibbulmun News when Barry Bryan of the Silvertops showed a marker in his garden in the UK at latitude 57.75 degrees. Sorry, Barry—read on as Veronica describes their trip!

    • 6 December 2016
  • The Bibbulmun is This and More

    • From: Eric Bow , California, USA

    Eric Bow from California came to Australia to walk the Bibbulmun Track—perhaps the most experienced long distance walker to have done so. His comments and his poetry speak volumes.

    • 6 December 2016
  • An unexpected experience

    • From: Alain Bourguignon, France

    Alain Bourguignon, from St Dizier in France, completed an end-to-end in November last year, doing a rapid journey down the Track, north to south, in 39 days. His comments offer an interesting view of the Track experience from a non-Australian perspective

    • 6 December 2016
  • Stoned on the Track

    • From: Colin Broun, WA

    Long time BTF member Colin Broun, his wife Liz and friend Stan undertook a walk along the Track in April this year. Little did they expect their trip to become an epic adventure of search and rescue!

    • 6 December 2016