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    • Bibbulmun & Beyond guided tour

      Registrations close soon for our 9-day Bibbulmun & Beyond Tour, departing 9th May 2016. Don't miss out on these spectacular views beyond the Track.

      3 February 2016
    • Bushfires close Track

      Bushfires are still impacting upon the Track. An end-to-end walk is currently not possible.

      29 January 2016
    • Canning Campsite survives bushfire

      We were very lucky not to lose Canning Campsite in the latest bushfire

      29 January 2016
    • Miracle at Murray Campsite

      Our beloved Murray Campsite on the banks of the Murray River only just survives.

      27 January 2016
    • Our new Day Walk Map Packs are here!

      We are excited to announce the release of the new Day Walk Map Packs - a great resource for beginners and people wanting to explore more of the Track.

      21 January 2016
    • Campfire bans and walking this summer

      Campfire bans are now in place along the entire Bibbulmun Track. Walkers should seriously reconsider plans to walk long sections of the northern half of the Track this summer. Avoid walking on the Track if the fire danger is Very High or above.

      21 December 2015

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Issue 63 August 2013 - November 2013

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The Classifieds

  • For Sale: Deuter Washcentre

    Zip around wash centre for storing toiletries, first aid, etc. For travel or hiking. 23 CM X 25CM, new. Blue. Worth $52, will sell for $20.

  • For Sale: Tent Lightweight

    Black Diamond lightweight 2 man Tent. Excellent condition, rainproof. Used no more than 20 nights on the Bibb Track. Compact when folded away, easy to do, plenty of ventilation. Freestanding Worth $700 new, will sell for $200.

  • Lost: Pair of spectacles

    I lost a pair of spectacles while hiking on Saturday 23/01/16. Black rimmed, French Connection brand I think. Reckon I stopped around 3-4 kms out of Kalamunda terminus and may have left them either on a rock or perched on a tree branch.

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