Training and recognition

The Foundation aims to provide its volunteers with appropriate training and support to ensure that they are well prepared to carry out their duties confidently, effectively and efficiently.

Examples of training and support offered:

  • Guides complete a comprehensive training program.
    Guides complete a comprehensive training program.
    Annual Field Days in each Parks and Wildlife Service district for maintenance volunteers, primarily in order to provide practical training.
  • On-track training of volunteer guides with the Events Manager in co-operation with experienced Track guides.
  • Extensive, practical guideline manuals/checklists for maintenance volunteers and volunteer guides.
  • All staff and current volunteers of the BTF willingly share their knowledge and expertise with new volunteers.
  • Personal accident insurance is held by the Parks and Wildlife Service for all registered volunteers.
  • Information sessions for Community Events volunteers.

Volunteer rewards and benefits:

The Parks and Wildlife Service and the Bibbulmun Track Foundation recognise, acknowledge and reward the contributions made by their volunteers.

To be eligible for any rewards volunteers must be registered with the Parks and Wildlife Service and must submit their volunteer timesheet to the Volunteer Coordinator at the end of each quarter.

Volunteers are invited to attend various ‘Thank you’ events.
Volunteers are invited to attend various ‘Thank you’ events.


Parks and Wildlife Service volunteer rewards   

  • 20 hours - Thank you letter from Director General, plus 20 % discount voucher at Parks and Wildlife Service outlets.
  • 50 hours - Parks and Wildlife Service Volunteer park pass*.
  • 150 hours - Limited edition WA native species lapel badge.
  • 300 hours - $30 Parks and Wildlife Service voucher.
  • 500 hours-  Volunteer Pass* plus a Landscope subscription.

*The Parks and Wildlife Service Volunteer Pass provides free entry for one vehicle and passengers into any WA National Park for 12 months from stamped date of issue.
All rewards are distributed to volunteers, some quarterly, some annually, after the auditing requirements have been met.
The rewards are given for hours accumulated within one financial year.