Donnelly River

Donnelly River Village to Pemberton | Distance: 109km

Diversions & Other Impacts

  • Prescribed burn diversion

    Location: South of Donnelly River Village

    A diversion is in place on the Bibbulmun Track between Gregory Rd just south of Donnelly River Village and Graphite Rd (One Tree Bridge) due to a prescribed burn which is imminent.

    The temporary diversion is in place. Tom Road Campsite is closed. The diversion shortens the distance by 7.7km.

    Download the map.

    Walkers will need to use their tent at a temporary campsite. 

    The diversion will be in place until the area is declared safe. 

    More detailed information about the diversion and temporary campsite will be posted here shortly.

  • Closure of vehicle access points

    Location: Between Donnelly River Village and Graphite Rd

    Tom Road and Panda Road (previously Donnelly Drive) have been closed indefinitely to vehicles between the intersections of Gregory/Tom roads and Gregory/Gordon roads due to the deterioration of road bridges and lack of funding for the department to repair them.

    Vehicle points marked on the map to access the Bibbulmun Track at these points will no longer be available from 22 April 2015.

    For more details contact the Department of Parks and Wildlife office in Pemberton on (08) 9776 1207.