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Find out the latest news about the Track and the Foundation before you set off for your next walk.

  • Campfire bans and walking this summer

    24 December 2014

    Campfire bans are now in place along the entire length of the Bibbulmun Track. Walkers are not permitted to light any campfires or wood operated stoves and should carry a fuel stove.

    Campfire bans will continue at least to March 2015 and possibly beyond depending on weather conditions.

    Check the Section by Section Guide relevant to the section you are walking for any changes to the fire notices beyond March 2015.

    Notices will also appear at campsites.

    On certains days a total fire ban will be in force where walkers are not permitted to light a fuel stove either. For information about locations of current total fire bans call 1800 709 355 or visit the DFES Alerts webpage.

    No fires are permitted at any time of year at two campsite in the northern section (Yourdamung and Blackwood) and between the Mt Chance campsite (south of Northcliffe) through to Albany.

    We strongly encourage walkers to always use fuel stoves to cook on whenever they are walking the Bibbulmun Track. Campfires are great to sit around, but they can have an adverse effect on the environment.

    If you are considering walking over this summer, we advise that you to check the weather and fire forecasts. If the fire danger is Very High or above we recommend walkers don’t go out on the Track, or leave if they are already out. If in doubt, and the weather forecast is for hot (and windy) conditions, our recommendation is not to go walking. The south coast, although it may be cooler, offers little protection from the sun due to the lack of a forest canopy and fire spreads more quickly in open bush and grassland. Even when walking in winter, always cover up and wear a hat and sunscreen. 

    More info about total fire bans and permanent fire bans at specific Bibbulmun Track campsites.

    More info about bush fires and safety.

  • Shop online and support the BTF

    4 December 2014

    Planning on doing some online shopping?  Perhaps a Christmas present, a birthday or a holiday?  You can do your online shopping and support us at no cost to you. How cool is that? Simply join to support us at Shopnate.

    Whether you are buying presents, clothes, books, hotel rooms, whatever it may be, you can raise funds for the Bibbulmun Track Foundation.

    There are over 400 retailers registered with the site, including Asos, The Iconic, Adairs, Deals Direct, Expedia, Strawberrynet and Booktopia.  They have all agreed to donate a percentage of what you spend to the Bibbulmun Track Foundation to say thank you for shopping with them.

    For further information visit our Ways to Give page.

  • End-to-Enders Picnic

    2 December 2014

    In March 2015, we will be holding our third End-to-Enders Picnic since the opening of the new alignment of the Bibbulmun Track in 1998.

    Walkers who have registered their End-to-End will receive an invite by email (or post if they reside in WA and have no email address) in the coming months. 

    If you are an End-to-Ender and have not yet registered your walk there is still time to do so.  Please visit our End-to-Enders registration page on information on how to do so. 

    If you are not sure whether you registered your walk, then you can log onto your profile using your email address that we have for you and your password (if you don't have a profile then it is possible you are not registered). For information on how to log onto your profile please visit our website help page. You can also update your details there and manage subscriptions.

    There are a limited number of tickets available and there is no admission fee but only walkers who have registered their End-to-End will receive the invite. There will be limited tickets available for friends or family of registered walkers.

    Please log into your profile and update any details that may have changed.

    We look forward to seeing End-to-Enders in March. Keep an eye out for your invite with all the details.


    Why do we need people to register their End-to-End walk?

    The Foundation relies on funding from various sources including sponsorship and grants. Access to funding is often dependent on demonstrating how many people use the Bibbulmun Track. Registering your end-to-end can assist us in attracting funds to ensure the Bibbulmun Track remains a long distance walk trail of international significance and quality.

  • Members’ Night - Tales from Other Trails

    1 December 2014

    On Wednesday 26th November,  the BTF invited members and their partners to attend a function at the Department of Sports and Recreation, at which five 10 minute presentations were given describing walking in various parts of the world. Chairman of the BTF Mike Wood told of ascending Mount Kilimanjaro and volunteers Edith Thomas, Charmaine Harris, Isabel Busch and Jim Baker respectively told their tales of walking in Slovenia, exploring the English countryside, traversing Iceland and trekking the Offa's Dyke Path along the Welsh/English border. Wine and cheese were served part way through the evening and many questions were put to the presenters by the 60 attendees, who deemed the event a great success.

    A very big THANK YOU for a fantastic Talks night last night in Leederville.  If I wasn't so busy at work I would be booking leave right now and calling the Travel Agent to book an airfare!  The talks gave me plenty of fodder for planning a future adventure or two!  Thanks for organising such a wonderful night…..we all know that one of the best things about bushwalking is chatting to others about it all, and sharing stories!  Terri Ellis

    This was one of many Members' Nights regularly hosted by the BTF.  

  • Parks and Wildlife Closure Protocols for Parks and Recreation Sites

    24 November 2014

    Following the catastrophic Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria, and more recent fires in Western Australia such as Parkerville in 2014, community expectations for response and management of fire risk have changed.

    During periods of higher fire risk throughout the bushfire season, Parks and Wildlife will provide information regarding park closures and bushfire risk, while recognising the need for people to take responsibility for their own actions and safety. The Department will endeavour to do this in a way that doesn’t discourage enjoyment of Western Australia’s parks.

    We recommend people do not walk on the Bibbulmun Track if the Fire Danger Rating is Very High or above. 

    Walking on the Track is best limited to late March through to late November. Cooler days provide for more enjoyment and less risk to personal health and safety, so please consider not walking on the Track on hot days this summer.

    Please note that during the prohibited fire season, campfires will not be permitted at any Bibbulmun Track campsite ad walkers will need to carry a fuel stove.

    For more information about park and recreation site closures please visit the parks, trails and road closures web page.

    For information on the Fire Danger Ratings visit DFES website.