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  • Adventure Raffle 2020 Winners Announced!

    2 May 2020

    We had a great response to this year's Adventure Raffle and are delighted to announce the lucky winners.

    1st Prize - Intrepid’s Annapurna Sanctuary Trek, Nepal including flights for two. Value $5000: 

    WINNER:  Marcus Harris, Ticket Number: #158

    2nd Prize - $500 Sea to Summit gift voucher:

    WINNER: Michael Eyre. Ticket Number: #233

    3rd Prize - $250 worth of merchandise:

    WINNER: Stephen Heald, Ticket Number: #1047


    Thank you to everyone who bought a raffle ticket.  

    Thanks also to our first prize sponsor, Peregrine Travel Centre








    Your support is appreciated.

  • Take a virtual hike on the Bibbulmun Track

    14 April 2020

    Join the Get on Track Challenge

    Whilst most people are not thinking about traveling right now it is fair to say that most hikers and runners are itching to get on the Track.  Looking for ways to get outdoors whilst social distancing, finding ways to distract from the boredom of self-isolation, the pain of missing a comforting hug from a loved one or feelings of financial insecurity.

    There’re a lot of things we can’t change right now but we hope to give you opportunities to focus on the things we can…

    We have signed up to participate in the Get on Track Challenge  and invite you to join the Bibbulmun Track Foundation's Challenge.

    Get on Track is a free, online, team-based Challenge.

    It involves you and your team of up to four people racing other teams as you move along a virtual track by logging your daily fruit and vegetable intake and physical activity. The more you do, the more you move!

    The next Challenge starts on Monday 27 April and runs for 6 weeks. If you’d like to take part, be sure to get your registration before Monday 27 April.

    To sign up to be part of the next Get on Track Challenge, click on the link - Bibbulmun Track Foundation Challenge

    Please note that when you register you can choose to join an existing team, or create your own. Please also be aware that you can only participate in one Challenge at a time.

    So no matter what type of exercise you do, no matter where you do it, you can log it to move along the Track.

    We can't wait for you to join us and #takeahike on the virtual Bibbulmun Track! 

    P.S. We have some awesome Bibbulmun Track Merchandise for the winners!

  • Just a reminder of what’s out there waiting for you.

    12 April 2020

    The days have seemed dark and full of constant changes, updates and new restrictions and we all need a light to look for at the end of this tunnel.  If getting back on Track for an overnighter, multi-day, town-to-town or end-to-end adventure is your light, then we are here to help you…

    There has been one great calling by all and that is to help, support and connect creating a sense of community in this time of social distancing.  It has never been more important, which is why we are making it our goal to keep you connected to the Track and each other.

    So, whilst most people are not thinking about traveling right now it is fair to say that most hikers and runners are itching to get on the Track.  Looking for ways to get outdoors whilst social distancing, finding ways to distract from the boredom of self-isolation, the pain of missing a comforting hug from a loved one or feelings of financial insecurity.

    There’re a lot of things we can’t change right now but we hope to give you opportunities to focus on the things we can…

    The Bibbulmun Track Foundation can keep you connected.

    There is much about our way of life that will be different for the time being, but we don’t have to push through it alone. We want to bring you ways to connect with us and each other.

    Here are several ways you can connect:

    • We’d love you to #takeahike / #takearun and join our Get on Track Challenge, a virtual end-to-end on the Bibbulmun Track.  As we travel along the Track we will be asking you which section/campsite you are dreaming of going to first after all this is over and we will run posts on social for everyone’s best tips, photos, thoughts on that section or campsite.

    • Set up your tent and #backyardcampout and share with us on our social page’s photos of your #bibbulmundreaming.

    • Submit your best Track recipe and photo here for your chance to feature in the Bibbulmun Track Foundations recipe book.

    • Each week we will be sharing tips on maintaining your hiking equipment via our website, Facebook and Instagram pages. 

    We hope to help you escape the challenges of a world turned upside down by inspiring your Track hike/run aspirations and dreams.

    Let us help you overindulge in the joy of #bibbulmundreaming and planning your hike – so you can spring into action and get on the Track when we are free of this crisis.

    Embrace the fact that you now have more time than ever to indulge in the joy of planning your ultimate Track experiences with our trip planning pages, website tools and itineraries. Through our informative website and support with your planning you will have the opportunity to build your best itinerary and it will be a lifeline connecting you to the better days that will come. It will also help our Track communities get back on their feet as soon as possible.

    The Bibbulmun Track will still be there when all of this is over, and your hike/run will taste all the sweeter for having had to wait.

  • How To: Re-waxing your canvas gear

    9 April 2020

    Re-waxing your canvas gear is a good to not only keep the fabric waterproof but continue to develop the well-earned patina that will inevitably be creeping in on your beloved piece of gear. Waxing canvas fills the tiny holes in the canvas creating a waterproof membrane - a discovery we can thank sailors for. The wax will also keep dirt, dust and debris from your pack.

    Just a few things before we get started. First, this method is for re-waxing, as opposed to applying wax to cotton canvas for the first time. For that process, I would go to YouTube, and set aside half a day as it's a lengthy process.

    For this example, I am using my commuting backpack, which is one of only two canvas pieces I own. This method can apply to any piece of gear you have however, just as long as it is made of canvas and you understand that this process reduces the breathability substantially. 

    What you'll need

    • Heat gun or hair dryer*
    • Clean sponge or cloth
    • Wax**
    • Lint roller or brush
    • Clean*** and dry piece of gear made of waxed canvas

    Items needed for re-waxing canvas
    Items needed for re-waxing canvas

    Step 1

    Grab your clean and dry piece of gear and lay it out in the best way you can on a clean surface, I used my outside table, and laid down a clean table cloth underneath. I have pulled the liner inside out on my pack so I can also wax the canvas pocket that lines the interior. Run a lint brush or roller over the pack and make sure it is entirely clear of any bits of fluff, or in my case, dog hair. 

    De-fluffing pack w/ a lint roller
    De-fluffing pack w/ a lint roller

    Step 2

    Open up your wax and begin to heat the surface so it goes a little glossy, don’t liquefy it though if you can help it.

    Heating wax slightly for easier application
    Heating wax slightly for easier application

    Now start heating the surface of your canvas item with the heat gun or hairdryer (set on low). Use circular motions and keep moving, you don’t want to burn the fabric.

    Step 3

    Now grab your sponge or cloth and start applying the wax in even strokes across the surface of the fabric. I find it easier at this point to focus on section by section. I start at the top, and apply the whole upper third section in wax, then I move to the next section and begin heating the fabric again, before applying wax. I continue to move down the pack, heating first, the applying wax.

    Applying liberal amount of wax to heated canvas
    Applying liberal amount of wax to heated canvas

    Once the whole pack is coated, it will look a bit messy as you can see.

    Wax applied, now to rub in and heat further
    Wax applied, now to rub in and heat further
    Close up of wax prior to rubbing in
    Close up of wax prior to rubbing in

    If you’ve managed to get wax on straps or buckles or anything, don’t worry, a bit more heat and a wipe with the clean end of the cloth will remove it easily. 

    I am using quite a lot of wax as you can see, this is because my pack has been heavily used for the past 5 years - 2 of which were a Melbourne winter, and the poor thing has only been re-waxed once prior. (Very naughty). I focus a lot on the seams as this is where I find will begin to leak first.






    Step 4

    Now you need to start rubbing that wax into the fabric. I like to heat and treat at the same time, but if you cannot manage this then take it in turns.

    Heating wax in circular motions
    Heating wax in circular motions

    Heat first (circular motions remember!), then rub the wax into the fabric in even strokes with your cloth. Continue to do this until the wax is nicely rubbed in and any excess removed (I often find you’ll see bits stuck in seam lines or strap attachments - especially for packs). You will see the colour of your canvas may have changed and it will now have a sort of sheen to it. 

    Post wax sheen
    Post wax sheen

    Note that if you have a fairly good amount on your piece of gear already, then you won’t need much to re-wax it. If you are finding you’ve overdone it and there’s a bit too much wax left on the gear- no problem! Just heat and continue to wipe, the excess will rub in or remove itself to the cloth. 

    Final touches
    Final touches

    Step 5

    Once you’re happy with how it is looking, I recommend leaving it out to dry for a day. Some people say 48 hours minimum, however this is Australia, and a day in the sun will probably do it. Try not to fold or crease the item if you can help it, use a coathanger or clothes rack to dry. I would recommend re-waxing your canvas gear yearly depending on use and wax used. Most natural waxes will breakdown over time and will need to be re-applied to remain effective. 

    Water bouncing off newly waxed pack!
    Water bouncing off newly waxed pack!
    Pack drying on the clothesline
    Pack drying on the clothesline


    *You can pick up a heat gun from Bunnings or craft stores for pretty cheap, alternatively a hair dryer will work too, just make sure for either items that they have a low setting. 

    Martexin wax tin
    Martexin wax tin

    ** I am using Martexin Original Wax here but there are many alternatives on the market. Stay away from pure paraffin (candle, petroleum based) wax, you need to use a blend of some sort. You may find that whatever gear you have recommends a particular product - go for what they recommend. Otherwise you can pick up plenty of good options online, i.e. Otter Wax, Fjällräven Greenland WaxDrizabone, Bedouin. Just for reference, that tiny Martexin tin does almost 2 jackets and 1 daypack - but all waxes are different in the way they spread across fabrics. 

    *** You really should never wash waxed canvas with detergents or soaps; mostly all this will do is remove wax from the item. The best you can do is wipe it down with a clean damp cloth or rinse it in cool or tepid water. However… mine was extra filthy, and some of the contents of our picnic two nights ago had spilt in my bag leaching it with the delightful smell or smoked capsicum hummus. So… I have the luxury of being able to turn my liner inside out which is made of plain cotton drill - I hand washed this section only with Dr Bronners soap, then rinsed the soap away completely, before rinsing the entire bag in cool water a few times. 

    - By Katie Stevens

  • Bibbulmun & Beyond 9-day Tour Oct 2020

    26 March 2020

    While this tour is usually held in May, current circumstances have meant that we are able to offer this extra departure in lieu of the May 2020 departure.


    Join us on this journey … and discover the spirit of Australia’s south west.

    The Foundation’s 9 days itinerary incorporates full and half-day walks along sections of the Bibbulmun Track and beyond into the Stirling Range National Park near Albany where participants climb to the summit of Bluff Knoll (1094 metres) and are rewarded with the breathtaking 360o views.

    Participants walk on the Track with only a small daypack and a private air-conditioned bus provides transport to and from the Track each day.  Each evening the group returns to comfortable accommodation in the rural towns and villages along the Track to relax and enjoy the local fare.  All meals, accommodation, transport to and from Perth, entry to attractions, guides and a Bibbulmun Track branded souvenir day pack and water bottle are included in the tour price.

    The Bibbulmun Track in Western Australia has an international reputation, having been called one of the “World's Best Epic Trails” by National Geographic, stretching 1000kms from Kalamunda in the Perth Hills to Albany on the south coast.  The Track passes through some of the most diverse and unique areas of Australia’s south west.  From the small mountains and hills of the Darling Scarp through to magnificent ancient forests around Pemberton, the low lying Pingerup Plains, the giants of the Tingle Forests and then onto coastal heathlands with spectacular views and some of the finest coastal walking in Australia.


    The flexible itinerary allows people of all experience and fitness levels the chance to explore the Track and expert guides go the extra mile to ensure that participants have the best experience.

    BOOK NOW as places are limited to 15!