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Find out the latest news about the Track and the Foundation before you set off for your next walk.

  • Warmer weather is heralding wildflower season

    13 August 2018

    The wildflower season starts in the north around early August and gradually blossoms from then on heading south. September and October tend to be the peak times but this can be earlier or later depending on the season in any particular year. The flowers vary along the Track in terms of variety, abundance and season. Experience a spectacle of colour and gain an interesting insight into this biodiversity hotspot.  Over 2,000 species of plants can be seen along the Track.

    Some of the first vibrant colours of the flowering season are the purples of hovea and the golden yellows of wattles.  Donkey Orchids can start flowering as early as July (and have already been spotted!). They bloom in clumps of yellow and brown heads that appear to have large donkey-like ears. 

    Our current Calendar of Events includes wildflower walks and offers a variety of events for all ages and fitness levels. They are a great way to get out on the Track.


    A guide to many of the Bibbulmun Tracks wildflowers.
    A guide to many of the Bibbulmun Tracks wildflowers.
    Don't forget your wildflower guide A Wildflower Guide of the Northern Bibbulmun Track & Jarrah Forests as well as a number of other handy bush books available from our webshop

    Easily unfolds to reveal several plants.
    Easily unfolds to reveal several plants.



    If you live on the south coast, check out the handy Flora of Albany - The Coastlands guide. 


    Blue Leschenaultia.
    Blue Leschenaultia.

    Wattle - Prickly Moses.
    Wattle - Prickly Moses.

  • Flooding on Track

    8 August 2018

    We've been blessed with lots of rain recently - but be aware that this has caused flooding and other issues on the Track.  We are aware of flooding south of Dwellingup and also that severe weather has impacted the Track on the south coast washing away trail markers and causing erosion.

    We advise checking conditions with the local Parks & Wildlife offices in the Track towns as well as the Track Conditions on our Trip Planner Pages on our website. Click here to find the Track conditions on the section you wish to walk.

    If you ever encounter deep water and are tempted to cross please remember that the water may appear to be calm on the surface, however currents beneath the surface can be strong.  Entering floodwaters is extremely risky, and the more remote you are the longer it takes for emergency responders to attend.  Always unbuckle the waist belt of your pack if water is deeper than shin deep and do not attempt to cross fast flowing flooded areas.

    The Bureau of Meteorology has issued various flood warnings for a number of rivers crossed by the Bibbulmun Track including the Murray River, the Collie River and the Blackwood River.

    Wading across the inlet by hikers.
    Wading across the inlet by hikers.

  • Latest Calendar of Events now online!

    3 August 2018

    The Bibbulmun Track Foundation offers a variety of events to suit all ages and most fitness levels.

    From guided walks to learning how to cook amazing food on a fuel stove you're sure to find something that interests you!  

    Our events calendar is published twice a year.

    It includes day walks, overnight walks, ladies only walks, kids'events, and range of seminars and workshops.

    Check it out now.

  • Bibbulmun Track Foundation shocked and saddened by incident out on the Track.

    31 July 2018

    The Foundation understands that emergency services received a call just after 1.30pm about an incident in Paulls Valley on Saturday afternoon, near the start of the Bibbulmun Track.

    The incident left two people in hospital after one was allegedly run down by a car before both were allegedly set upon by the driver wielding a shovel. Both have now been discharged. Police say they did not know the driver and had not been involved in any prior incidents. We understand the Mitsubishi Triton had stolen number plates and the accused man is due to appear in the Midland Magistrates Court today. 

    The walkers were Finnish nationals visiting and working in Australia and the Honorary Consul General of Finland in Perth, Ross Norgard, said the Finnish Embassy was offering assistance to the victims.  The Foundation has also reached out to the walkers offering our support.

    Whilst we don’t know the exact details, we assume the incident occurred where the Track crossed over one of the roads in the area.  We have spoken directly with police, the Constable in charge of the case said this was a totally random act and there is no cause for any walkers out on the Track or other trails in the Perth Hills to be concerned. 

  • Lodgement of Group Notifications have moved.

    17 July 2018

    Lodgements of Group Notifications (previously known as Notice of Intent or NOI) have moved to the Parks and Wildlife, Western Australia website.

    Any groups with eight or more members, that are staying overnight on the Bibbulmun Track are requested to complete a Group Notification at least 4 weeks before their walk. This information assists other walkers with their planning and it helps manage and record group usage. This is not a booking system but rather a notification process as campsites cannot be booked. 

    Group size is set at a maximum of 17 people, including leaders. There are three specific group campsites on the Bibbulmun Track for up to 30 people (Mt Cook group site, Arcadia and Lyalls Mill). These numbers have been set to ensure the ongoing sustainability of the campsites, facilities and the surrounding environment.