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Find out the latest news about the Track and the Foundation before you set off for your next walk.

  • Bibbulmun Journeys Documentary

    22 January 2018

    Walking Two by Two presents Bibbulmun Journeys the Premiere


    Tickets go on sale today! 

    Screening in Perth for One Night Only the premiere of Walkingtwobytwo’s documentary on the Bibbulmun Journeys. Come along on the journey to experience the beauty of the Bibbulmun Track with the people who love it, walk it and care for it. Part proceeds of this event go to the Bibbulmun Track Foundation to help rebuild Helena Campsite.

    Part proceeds from the sale of tickets and DVD's will go towards the Bibbulmun Track Foundation and the re-building of the Helena Campsite.

    DATE: Sunday 11 March 2018

    TIME: 3pm - 5pm 

    LOCATION: State Library of Western Australia

    TICKETS: General Admission - $20
                     General Admission and DVD - $30


  • Bibbulmun & Beyond guided tour

    19 January 2018

    Our popular Bibbulmun & Beyond 9-day tour, departs in May 2018.

    Led by experience guides, you will explore all the best sections along the Bibbulmun Track in day walks.  

    The tour then ventures beyond into the Stirling Ranges for a climb up Bluff Knoll and the reward of spectactular 360 degree views.  

    Comfortable accommodation, meals and transport in our private bus is included.  All you need is a pair of boots, your camera and a sense of adventure.   

    The whole experience was seamless with professional, enthusiastic, friendly and well organised guides


    For more information and a full dossier click here.

  • We are urgently seeking a new home!

    15 January 2018

    After more than 20 years operating in the city, the Bibbulmun Track Foundation is looking for a new home.  

    Our current office has been generously provided by our sponsor Mountain Designs.  It was great synergy being above an outdoor equipment store and this free space in a central location was not only convenient for the thousands of walkers that came through our door but helped us to become a stable organisation.

    We  have to vacate our office by Monday 5 February.  As such, we will not re-open to the public on 22 January as planned, as we will be packing up with the assistance of our office volunteers.  We will continue to respond to emails, phone calls and website enquiries - and will process website orders although there may be slight delays.

    As we have less than a month to vacate we are putting this call out to all our contacts in case anyone knows of a business or organisation that might house us in their premises, sponsor our accommodation in a suitable building or sub-let at a reasonable rate.

    Although time is tight we are ideally looking for a long-term solution - but any temporary accommodation will obviously be considered.

    We currently have three rooms:

    • Front office (includes the retail component, hire gear and 4 workstations)  35m2
    • Centre office (main business operations with 6 workstations, meeting table and filing cabinets) 48m2
    • Back office (meeting room, merchandise stock, 1 work station, computer server,) 18m2

    That all comes to 101m2 if we were to find something to replicate what we have.  Of course, we are looking at any options that might be viable for us and at a minimum we would require no less than around 70m2.

    If you have anything to offer, please contact us.

    The Bibbulmun Track team.

  • Bushfires, campfire bans and walking this summer

    28 December 2017

    Campfire in a fire ring at a campsite
    Campfire in a fire ring at a campsite
    Campfire bans are now in place along the entire Bibbulmun Track.

    Walkers are not permitted to light any campfires or wood operated stoves at anywhere on the Track and should carry a fuel stove.

    Campfire bans will continue to April 2018 depending on weather conditions. Please check the Section By Section guide (under Trip Planner) for any changes.


    Check the Section by Section Guide relevant to the section you are walking for other impacts. There are likely to be some sections of the Track that will be impacted by bushfires this summer.

    The Track is indistinguishable alongside this creek bed after the  fire.
    The Track is indistinguishable alongside this creek bed after the fire.
    On certain days, a total fire ban will be in force where walkers are not permitted to light a fuel stove either. For information about locations of current total fire bans call 1800 709 355 or visit the

    No fires are permitted at any time of year at two campsites in the northern section (Yourdamung and Blackwood) and between the Mt Chance campsite (south of Northcliffe) through to Albany.

    We strongly encourage walkers to always use fuel stoves to cook on whenever they are walking the Bibbulmun Track. Campfires are great to sit around, but they can have an adverse effect on the environment.


    Walking over summer 

    If you are considering walking over this summer, please restrict your walks to day walks (duration of one day). We advise that you to check the weather and fire forecasts. If the fire danger is Very High or above we recommend walkers don’t go out on the Track, or leave if they are already out. If in doubt, and the weather forecast is for hot (and windy) conditions, our recommendation is not to go walking.

    It is usually too hot to walk in the peak of summer.

    It is strongly recommended that you do not carry out any extended walk between December and the start of March anywhere on the Track.

    The Track gets very hot and the bushfire risk is extreme. Temperatures can range from low 30s to mid-40s. In recent years the Track has been severely impacted by bushfires with the destruction of campsites and other structures which fire fighters were not able to save due to the ferocity of the fires. Much of the Track is difficult to access quickly in an emergency and more so during a bushfire.

    Please plan to walk outside of these months and avoid putting your life at risk and the lives of those that may need to rescue you.

    Day walks in the karri forest can be comfortable on cooler days (temperatures less than 27 degrees). We advise people planning a day walk to check the weather and fire forecasts. If the fire danger is ‘very high’ or above we strongly recommend people don’t go out on the Track, or leave if they are already out. If in doubt, and the weather forecast is for hot and windy conditions, our recommendation is not to go walking. The south coast, although may be cooler, offers little protection from the sun due to the lack of a forest canopy and fire spreads more quickly in open bush and grassland. Even when walking in winter, always cover up and wear a hat and sunscreen. 


    More info about total fire bans and permanent fire bans at specific Bibbulmun Track campsites.

    More info about bush fires and safety.

  • Latest Calendar of Events now online!

    16 December 2017

    The Bibbulmun Track Foundation offers a variety of events to suit all ages and most fitness levels.

    From guided walks to learning how to cook amazing food on a fuel stove you're sure to find something that interests you!  

    Our events calendar is published twice a year.

    It includes day walks, overnight walks, ladies only walks, kids'events, and range of seminars and workshops.

    Check it out now.