Shendelle Mullane (Honour Mishen)

Completed: 24 January 2021

Photo of Shendelle Mullane (Honour Mishen)
Shendelle Mullane
Honour Mishen
  • Start date: 26 September 2009
  • Age When Completed: 53
  • Direction Walked: Sectional
  • Others in Group:

    My husband Tim Jones (track name: Smokey) has completed about 2/3 of the track with me.

General Comments

Finally, after almost 13 years, one broken leg/dislocated ankle (done on roller skates, not hiking) and a lot of sweat, a few tears and more than a little swearing, my E2E is completed! Many sections were completed as guided BTF hikes, and other parts I hiked in fits and starts, with no sense of order!  Thanks to all the maintenance vollies, and the BTF guides who have shared their knowledge and made excellent ‘companions on the journey’.

Food/Supplies Comments

Making my own dehydrated meals worked well and kept the weight down, especially on the longer sections.  Food drops at Walpole and Peaceful Bay lightened the load on the South-Coast section, which was my longest section with hiking 180km over nine days. I always carry a block of Lindt chocolate for an after supper treat, and pop-top juice bottles are handy for a small quantity of red wine. It’s amazing what food combinations can be quite delicious on the track - like peanut paste, tuna and dehydrated tomato slices on crackers!

Favourite Section

Walking through any of the tranquil she-oak (casuarina) areas - soft under foot, shady and sweet-smelling.


1. Hiking the dunes around Boat Harbour as a thunderstorm passed overhead just on dawn, providing an amazing sunrise, as my husband and I bent over double, so we weren’t the talllest objects on the landscape. 2. Meeting like-minded people on the track who have become great friends.


Way too many snakes on the South Coast, particularly when walking in early December. Only saw one echidna between Murray and Dookanelly.  The kangaroos in the ‘show grounds’ near Peaceful Bay were not phased by hikers passing by, while wild pigs near Maringup gave me a fright.  The wildflowers between Giants and Rame Head were unexpected in December but still provided a colourful and diverse display.

Your Best Equipment

My husband wants me to say he’s my best equipment! He’s certainly my best walking buddy, but my best gear would include my Jetboil,  Big Agnes Copper Spur 2P MTNGLO tent (great for two, but even better when it’s just me), my Black Diamond walking poles, my Neoair sleeping mat, my S2S Quagmire gaiters, and my Exped Lightning 60 pack.

Your Worst Equipment

I’ve been very fortunate not to have any massive gear fails, so nothing comes to mind, except the sleeping bag my husband bought for himself ‘on special’, then discovered it was a youth-sized bag as he attempted to sleep in it at Yabberup campsite.

Advice for Others

It doesn’t have to be fun, to be fun.