Sophie Giles (The False Summiteers)

Completed: 10 October 2020

Photo of Sophie Giles (The False Summiteers)
Sophie Giles
The False Summiteers
  • Start date: 20 December 1996
  • Age When Completed: 47
  • Direction Walked: Sectional
  • Others in Group:

    Hunter Giles-Shanley

General Comments

The Track gives such a remarkable experience of being alive. Huge appreciation to the Foundation and to all the volunteers. Amazing work!
Have been walking it since 1996, and a few years later Albany to Balingup and many sectional walks in between and then with my son from when he was 6months old, he has now completed his End-to-End, age 13.

Food/Supplies Comments

Never post washing powder in the same resupply box as instant cheesecake.

Favourite Section

Really all of them. But the granite and Karri hillocks in the section from Woolbales to Long Point are very special.  Mt Chance always is a remarkable place to arrive to, memorable conversations atop, as well.


Meeting other walkers, now lifelong friends. The sound of rain on the tent, mulberries and summer plums (leaving Balingup), finding the tiniest everlasting growing in clefts of ancient granite.

Personal Reactions

I am a different person going up hills to down them, but seriously an incredible connection to place and appreciation for being part of the natural world.


Lots, sometimes we had days on the south coast seeing many more whales than walkers. But also echnidas, cockatoos, lizards, snakes, roos, possums.

Your Best Equipment

But besides, Zamberlan boots, never a problem but now the soles are worn.

Your Worst Equipment

Twenty four years ago for the first two nights out Pemberton to Northcliffe I carried a glass cup(!).

Advice for Others