Pauline Shanley (The Queen (aka Pauline))

Completed: 5 November 2020

Photo of Pauline Shanley (The Queen (aka Pauline))
Pauline Shanley
The Queen (aka Pauline)
  • Start date: 9 September 2020
  • Age When Completed: 58
  • Direction Walked: North to South

General Comments

I had such a good time walking my end to end - loved every minute of it (even the hard bits!)

Food/Supplies Comments

I sent food to food drops and mostly cooked my meals from scratch (just dehydrated some veggies). Added extra weight to my pack but it was worth it smile

Favourite Section

So hard to pick one bit - the flowers were amazing pretty much everywhere. I think the Northcliffe to Walpole would just tip out the others.


People I met; the flowers; great weather (only 2 real days of rain); .

Personal Reactions

I feel very grateful to have had the luxury of walking the whole track in one go and am especially appreciative of all the work the vollies do. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!


16 snakes; a few kangaroos; and a few very weird insects - one of which had a art installation on its back (as a camouflage I assume).

Your Best Equipment

My Big Agnes tent - nice to have my own space at the end of the day smile

Your Worst Equipment

Not really worst but I think I need to replace my small trangia for something smaller and lighter smile

Advice for Others

Go light - be ruthless and toss out anything you don’t really need.