Brendan Browning (Brendan B, BB, Brendan)

Completed: 30 August 2020

Photo of Brendan Browning (Brendan B, BB, Brendan)
Brendan Browning
Brendan B, BB, Brendan
  • Start date: 14 July 2020
  • Age When Completed: 25
  • Direction Walked: North to South

General Comments

It was a pretty groovy time. It was my first overnight hike so I’m really pleased with how things turned out.  Hiking seems to be an exceptionally good way to spend all of your time daydreaming, listening to music and reading (and doing a small amount of walking), while still looking cool in the eyes of people you tell about it.  It’s kind of like being homeless but in a fashionable way.

Food/Supplies Comments

I was terrible at planning my food.  I started to work out the exact number of calories I’d need every day and trying to account for that. But at the end of the trip I was just buying a jar of peanut butter, enough noodles for every night, cereal with powdered milk and nuts (and some other stuff but mostly it was really simple). I think you get diminishing returns on the planning.  Just find food that is caloric dense and then be ok with losing weight.

Favourite Section

I loved the area around Ballingup, it was really cool to be dipping in and our of farm land and the forest.


I saw 12 snakes near the wind farm at Albany. Really felt like I was living when a tiger snake lunges into the bush just as I was about to step on it.  I also met Ash after literally walking in her footsteps for a few weeks.  I could even see where she got mad at all the puddles in the Pingerup Plains by how she was stomping around.

Your Best Equipment

Kindle Paperwhite with a backlight. I probably would have given up without it.

Your Worst Equipment

3/4 length self inflating mattress. Ugh, I slept better when I was on the floor.

Advice for Others

If you’re young do the walk during the uni break. Otherwise it’ll just be old people you meet (who are great don’t get me wrong)