Malcolm Kite (M8)

Completed: 3 July 2019

Photo of Malcolm Kite (M8)
Malcolm Kite
  • Start date: 14 May 2019
  • Age When Completed: 58
  • Direction Walked: South to North

General Comments

There is always so much to enjoy.  The trees, the views of the valleys and oceans, the wildlife, the company of others, and the personal time.

Favourite Section

The whole trail is just fantastic.


The huge number of birds on Wilson Inlet and walking in the bush just near the shore I was able to get so close to so many of them.  Viewing the stars from the rock behind Woolbales shelter.  The wonderful company of a number other hikers.  Receiving some “Tail Magic” from a number of sectional hikers.  Being surprised on the trail by friends who came out to bring me a special lunch!

Personal Reactions

A wonderful relaxing and enjoyable journey.  I surprised myself about how often I could hike 30km days.


I saw far too many cats!  Basically saw at least 1 kangaroo a day.  A huge pod of dolphins off Torbay Inlet and so many birds on Wilson Inlet.

Your Best Equipment

My wool thermals!  They were always so comfortable and warm.

Your Worst Equipment


Advice for Others

Just do your own thing.