Leila Folland (Leila)

Completed: 12 December 2018

  • Start date: 24 November 2013
  • Age When Completed: 22
  • Direction Walked: North to South

General Comments

We are so lucky to have such a well-maintained track to enjoy without worrying about crowds - the Volunteers and Foundation are absolute legends!

Food/Supplies Comments

Tried everything under the sun in terms of food options, but definitely settled on muesli for breakfast, nuts and carrots for snacks and pre-cooked curry and rice packs for dinners. Best hiking grub for vegetarians on a budget!

Favourite Section

The forests south of Donnelly River village down to Northcliffe are stunning, and give good respite from the weather, but I don’t really have a favourite specific section - it’s all so beautiful! Warren campsite is probably my favourite of the lot because of its vantage point in the big trees.


It’s the little things that make for the best memories - meeting people, spotting wildlife, getting to the hut at the end of a long day, reaching the top of a climb with a view. I can’t put my finger on any one in particular.


Big fan of the birds (kookaburras, black cockatoos, ring-necked parrots, lorikeets, magpies and more) and of course the emus, kangaroos and wallabies. Didn’t have too many encounters with snakes thankfully but was compensated in the reptile department with plenty of bobtails and funky lizards. Far too many flies, mosquitos and spiders for my liking but alas, it is Australia after all.

Your Best Equipment

Investing in a good self-inflating mat was the best choice I made hands down - a good nights sleep is priceless out on the track.

Your Worst Equipment

Before I stuck to pre-made meals, I carried a big old trangia which was not really worth its weight considering how cheap you can buy gas cookers these days. Will definitely be investing in something lighter for future walks!

Advice for Others

Listen to your body! If something hurts and isn’t getting better, don’t ignore it - do something about it. Go at your own pace and stop when you need to stop.