Joy McGilvray (ANNEJOY sometimes ANJOY)

Completed: 30 October 2018

Photo of Joy McGilvray (ANNEJOY sometimes ANJOY)
Joy McGilvray
  • Start date: 9 April 2014
  • Age When Completed: 72
  • Direction Walked: Sectional
  • Others in Group:

    Anne Bologa

General Comments

Plan A was to complete in two years but family commitments and other reasons put paid to that plan.  Finished with Plan ?, four and a half years later.

Food/Supplies Comments

Homemade/home dehydrated food for whole trip.  Miso soups were good pick-me-up when getting into campsite.

Favourite Section

No real favourite but still enjoy Mts Cuthbert and Vincent.


John surprising us at One Tree Bridge with hot soup on a very wet day.  A very much surprise breakfast arranged by our two lovely respective daughters at the northern terminus one Sunday two weeks after finishing the walk to celebrate our achievement.  Very special.

Personal Reactions

Being fit and well enough to complete the walk with no mishaps on track.  Enjoying the journey over the years; meeting lots of interesting people; appreciating a shelter at the end of the day and the Bibbulmun Track being there to be walked when one feels like doing so for no fee.


Birds, kangaroos, emus, echidna, snakes, lizards.

Your Best Equipment

My AARN rucksack which eliminated aching shoulders, sore back and better balance.

Your Worst Equipment

None that I recall.

Advice for Others

We had advice and ideas from lots of people: take the tips you want and don’t be afraid to change your gear for lighter weight equipment in spite of cost: research and save up for it and carry a PLB in your pocket.