Noelle James

Completed: 5 May 2014

Photo of Noelle James
Noelle James
  • Start date: 1 October 1998
  • Age When Completed: 73
  • Direction Walked: Sectional

General Comments

Survived all types of weather.  From the coldest, one night on Mount Cooke to the hottest day on the south coast where one of our members suffered badly from sun stroke , we had to pull out.
I am the only one of the 10 who started that have finished.

Food/Supplies Comments

Carried all our supplies.  Enjoyed all meals at the major towns where we stayed.  I attended the cooking class that the foundation put on.

Favourite Section

I enjoyed all sections.  All different.  A few sections were hard going.


Meeting the different people who were walking the Track.  Walking through the tall timbers.


Echidna, monitor lizard, snakes (9 in one day), kangaroos, black cockatoos.

Your Best Equipment

My sleeping bag - always warm no matter how cold it was.

Advice for Others

Just go and enjoy it.