Alexandre Bouillot

Completed: 8 December 2016

Photo of Alexandre Bouillot
Alexandre Bouillot
  • Start date: 7 October 2016
  • Age When Completed: 28
  • Direction Walked: North to South

General Comments

My first long distance hike! A great moment in my life that will be in my heart forever.

Food/Supplies Comments

 All kinds of food are great when you walking every day. Chocolate is amazing after a month without dessert. Roasted Bardi grubs are good appetizers!

Favourite Section

Maybe Donnelly River to Pemberton, but the whole 1000kms were great and I have some difficulty to not see it as a whole.


First kangaroos I saw on the track / Nobody at all for 3 days / Bardi grubs hunting, cooking and eating / My left foot tendinitis / The rat at Beedelup / Gloucester tree / so many others…


Kangaroo / wallaby / parrot / blue wren / emu / sand goanna / cockatoos / Pilbara barking gecko / rat / mardo / tiger snake ...

Your Best Equipment

Hiking poles and my homemade P3RS stove burner.

Your Worst Equipment

 My “litemyfire” spork that break in two parts after 25 days…not durable at all.

Advice for Others