Stuart Parks (Hike Hope Heal)

Completed: 13 May 2016

Photo of Stuart Parks (Hike Hope Heal)
Stuart Parks
Hike Hope Heal
  • Start date: 13 March 2016
  • Age When Completed: 48
  • Direction Walked: South to North
  • Others in Group:


General Comments

There is no denying this was a tough trek, but it got easier as I got track fit quickly and got used to my pack weight.

Food/Supplies Comments

I had food and supplies posted to each town where I was staying or had friends or family meet me for food drops. This worked well. All towns have at least the basics to get by on, by I found planning ahead made it more enjoyable with less worry.

Favourite Section

It is difficult to single out any section as a favourite but I loved the South Coast - beautiful beaches, cliffs, bays and wildlife. I also enjoyed the Darling Range - I felt at home here through the stunning forest and bush areas.


The people I met on the track and at the various towns along the way. I met an array of interesting people all with their own story to tell. I should have had the track name “haveachat”.

Personal Reactions

Even though this solo E2E was a charity walk and to raise awareness for mental health, it turned into a deeply personal and memorable experience and one that I will remember and cherish for ever.


Lots of tiger snakes, dugites, kangaroos, emus, wallabies, an array or bird life, spiders, insects - the list is endless.

Your Best Equipment

Jetboil - great bit of kit.

Your Worst Equipment

Synthetic sleeping bag - never believe the rating.
Used two packs - one broke after 550 km.

Advice for Others

Don’t skimp on your sleeping bag.
Take a mozzie net.
Wear two pairs of socks - one thin, one thick.
Try to limit pack weight as much as possible - don’t take if you can live without it - water, food, shelter is all you need.