John King (John King)

Completed: 23 August 2015

Photo of John King (John King)
John King
John King
  • Start date: 17 June 2015
  • Age When Completed: 35
  • Direction Walked: South to North
  • Others in Group:

    Just myself.

General Comments

Amazing 1,000 kilometre journey from beach into the forest and outback. Met lots of people, drank great WA wines, walked beaches, got into the best shape of my life, creating a memory I will take to my grave.

Food/Supplies Comments

I bought fresh supplies at towns for the first couple of days back on the track: eggs, cream, etc. Then relied on hiking staples thereafter. My favourite track recipe was boiled coconut cream and cous cous with roasted pistachios and almonds.

Favourite Section

Denmark to Walpole, although my favourite track town was Balingup.


Fish and chips at Peaceful Bay. Watching of dolphins play in the surf. Swimming off Torbay Inlet. Feeling small walking the Valley of the Giants. Sitting down for lunch at Taste of Balingup. The windstorm that hit West Cape Howe camp with 120-140 km/hr winds. The long road into Kalamunda from Dwellingup, taking it nice and slow.

Personal Reactions

The beauty of the track is subtle, as a photographer, I spent a lot of time searching for it, looking deeper and deeper as the days passed.


I spent the night with a possum. He and I hung out. Other than that, lots of kangaroos, even a young male charged me. Many birds, and an angry wombat, plus some other critters including two mice in my pack eating through my trail mix.

Your Best Equipment

My Gregory Baltoro 75 expedition pack performed well, it’s still in excellent condition.

Your Worst Equipment

My hikers, bought new before arriving to Australia, are in pitiful condition, and they smell really bad.

Advice for Others

Prepare well; buy the track notes and maps; be aware of elevation; hike in winter if you’re doing an end-to-end hike; stretch in the mornings; pack light; carry a platypus water system with at least three litres of water a day; if you get lost, lose a marker, stay calm, and double back to pick up the track; listen to music; talk with fellow walkers; it isn’t a race so take it slow and have fun.