Michael Spragg (Michael from Harvey grin )

Completed: 13 July 2014

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Michael Spragg
Michael from Harvey grin
  • Start date: 26 April 2014
  • Age When Completed: 56
  • Direction Walked: North to South

General Comments

A wonderful experience. A huge thank you to all involved in the maintenance of the track and huts. We must all ensure this unique experience is available for future generations.

Food/Supplies Comments

Amazing how delicious 2 minute noddles can taste after a challenging day on the track. I am so impressed by those hikers that have the will power to keep enough chocolate for the night before the next town.

Favourite Section

Well the whole track was awesome - but if I had to choose Denmark to Northcliffe has just about everything that is magic about the track.


My wonderful wife catching up along the way with chocolate, beer and other essential supplies. She even stayed overnight at Gringer Creek when it was -3 C.
Meeting other hikers along the track who were so generous with their advice, good wishes, supplies and encouragement.
The stunning scenery, flora and fauna almost everyday.

Personal Reactions

Nature is so generous with her gifts; we are able to experience the joy of what she has to offer and she expects nothing in return. We must ensure her gifts are not abused and are passed on to our children’s children.


Plenty of it - some Kangeroos even posed for photos.

Your Best Equipment

Mattress; I spent more time in my sleeping bag, on my mattress than on my feet. A good mattress ( = good sleep) a must for extended trips.
Walking Poles - how did I ever hike without them?
$5 crocs from Kmart - how good are they to slip into after having boots on for most of the day.

Your Worst Equipment

GPS - Heavy, unneccessary and goes through batteries like coins at a casino.

Advice for Others

Expect to have inclement weather; expect to get aches and pains; expect to be bothered by insects -  these minor irritations are such a small price to pay for such a wonderful experience. Just enjoy it grin .