Fiona Dickson (Changed every campsite, AKA)

Completed: 20 October 2013

Photo of Fiona Dickson (Changed every campsite, AKA)
Fiona Dickson
Changed every campsite, AKA
  • Start date: 30 August 2013
  • Age When Completed: 48
  • Direction Walked: North to South
  • Others in Group:

    Marita Johnson, Sue Lee

General Comments

A great experience, despite hiking during the wettest September on record.

Food/Supplies Comments

We dehydrated our own meals and fruit and organised food drops in advance. we were glad we had done this as town supplies were very limited.

Favourite Section

Walpole to Denmark


First view of coast at Mandalay bay.
Tingle Forest.
Abundance of Wildflowers.

Personal Reactions

It was amazing to walk on such a well maintained and clean track. I think the volounteers do an incredable job


Kangaroos, snakes, bush pig, whales, emus, birds, lizards

Your Best Equipment

Toss up between poles and jetboil.

Your Worst Equipment

Boots. I had to change them after two weeks due to a stress fracture.

Advice for Others

Preparation, travel as light as you can, don’t doubt your ability - just do it!