Paul Buck

Completed: 17 November 2013

Photo of Paul Buck
Paul Buck
  • Start date: 27 September 2013
  • Age When Completed: 50
  • Direction Walked: North to South

General Comments

Well run long distance track to match the excellent website! Love that it is accessible to people of all abilities to get a taste of the Australian bush.

Food/Supplies Comments

Mountain Designs gave me a good discount on my freeze dried food, but each track town had enough variation to supplement my main meals.

Favourite Section

Long Point to Giants (basically, Tingle country)


The big trees, the wildflowers, the coastline, the wildlife, the quality of the shelters, and the people I met along the track.

Personal Reactions

Extremely proud to have finished the track! 52 days, 8 days quicker than planned, and, at times, I loved, loathed, adored and cursed this track. It had tested me but I hadn’t been found wanting, I am genuinely going to miss it, and the people I had encountered along the way!


Snakes, lizards, Kangaroos, Wallabies, Cockatoos, Emus, and many other small birds I don’t know the names of!

Your Best Equipment

Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter and SPOT Gen3 GPS Messenger

Your Worst Equipment

My Exped Synmat UL Mattress. The inner walls burst making it difficult to sleep on.

Advice for Others

Use the foundations experts, try a couple of nights before committing to an End to End, test your kit thoroughly beforehand, start with shorter distances and build up to the bigger days, try to have a bit of variation in your meals, and finally, DO IT, YOU’LL LOVE IT!!