Shaun Gedye (K. N. Ackered)

Completed: 20 December 2012

Photo of Shaun Gedye (K. N. Ackered)
Shaun Gedye
K. N. Ackered
  • Start date: 2 November 2012
  • Age When Completed: 24
  • Direction Walked: North to South
  • Others in Group:

    Part solo, Part with Richard Gedye

General Comments

I feel really privileged to have such a fantastic long-distance walking track in my backyard.  Huge thank you to the Foundation, their Vollies, and the DEC for all their hard work in keeping the Bib operational and world class.

Food/Supplies Comments

I met my sister for a food drop-off at Canning Hwy (~halfway between Kalamunda and Dwellingup).  Apart from the first section, it was easy to stock up in the towns along the way.

Favourite Section

Walpole to Denmark.  Also the Pemberton area.


Seeing the Southern Ocean (and knowing I had walked there), the tall Karri trees near Pemberton and the big Red Tingle trees around Walpole.

Personal Reactions

I am really glad to have done it, would definitely do it again.  Although about 10 days in - with blistered feet - I thought doing the end-to-end was one of the stupidest ideas I have had.


It was fantastic that the wild flowers were still in bloom.  If I had had an analog camera I would have wasted a lot of film (rather than just filling up my hard drive) taking pictures of them.  I was also lucky enough to see numerous snakes, birds, monitors, kangaroos, emus and lizards.

Your Best Equipment

Walking sticks (when I had them), Mosquito net (which I bought in Collie), My camera, My pack and My sleeping bag.

Your Worst Equipment

I used everything I took, however I did take a thermos, which I got rid of pretty quickly.

Advice for Others

Be prepared - make sure you do your research.  Talk to someone who has already done it (the Foundation).  Pay a lot of attention to food, it is very heavy, but very important (you realise this when you run out).  Do practice hikes (5-10 days) so you know what you need and what you don’t.