Bob Oxlade

Completed: 25 September 2012

Photo of Bob Oxlade
Bob Oxlade
  • Start date: 13 September 2010
  • Age When Completed: 77
  • Direction Walked: Sectional

General Comments

On Walpole to Denmark 2009 I suffered a common nerve problem - Bells Palsey - but completed the walk. A friend wanted to do this section so I repeated it in 2011. I walked from Kalamunda to Gringer Creek, Pemberton on my own and had friends with me on the other sections.

Food/Supplies Comments

I found it inconvenient to get a disposable gas can in Midland as none is available in Kalamunda if coming by plane and starting the Track the same day ( no gas permitted on plane)

Favourite Section

Probably Walpole to Denmark, but I enjoyed the Karri Forest Balingup to Pemberton.

Personal Reactions

I did not intend to do End to End when I started, hence the southern half before I went to Kalamunda


Did not see a lot but the birds were very nice

Your Best Equipment

All good

Advice for Others

Keep packs light. Use a food dryer for cans tuna, chicken, baked beans, sardines etc and put in plastic jar of water in AM.