Sandra Bell (Sandra and suzanne (I’m completing on behalf of myself, Sandra))

Completed: 28 May 2022

Photo of Sandra Bell (Sandra and suzanne (I’m completing on behalf of myself, Sandra))
Sandra Bell
Sandra and suzanne (I’m completing on behalf of myself, Sandra)
  • Start date: 3 April 2022
  • Age When Completed: 54
  • Direction Walked: North to South
  • Others in Group:


General Comments

We took 56 days, which included 4 rest days/zero days, starting on the 3rd April. The hike was amazing; we were blown away by the scenery, the fantastic bushland up north, the karri, marri and tingle trees, the stunning coastline, the beaches, the farmland, the wildlife, flora and fauna!

We laughed, we cried, we swore (a lot), we were in awe, in pain (a lot), we were overwhelmed at times, but most of all we felt so blessed and grateful to have had the opportunity to experience this journey!

A massive thank you to BTF and DBCA for a fantastic track that was well signed and mostly well maintained, thank you to all the vollies, thank you for the huts and facilities and all the support! Sandra and Suzanne????????

Food/Supplies Comments

We pre-organised food drops at each town, as well as Sullivans rock, peaceful bay and broke inlet road. We then added to our staples by buying up at local supermarkets. We felt this worked really well, as we knew what main meals we would be eating, (foods that we had already tried),  and what weight our food would be.
Our main meals were mostly commercial dehydrated meals, we then added in further snacks and food that we had cryovacced at home.

Favourite Section

Ugh, so many favorite spots - and everywhere was amazing but if I absolutely had to pick the. I would say Balingup to Donnelly River and the last few days of the Denmark to Albany section


Mt Cuthbert summit, white horse hills summit, arriving in each town for a hamburger, the views along the cliff tops on the south coast, the magestic karri and tingle trees.

Personal Reactions

When planning the trip my philosophy was always “well it’s just one step after another” and although I definitely did some training, I think this attitude is why we completed the whole hike, with not once ever considering quitting! There were definitely days that I did t think I would/could make it to the hut, and the last few kms of every day sometimes seemed so long and painful, but it really is just one step after another!!

It seems so surreal to say that we just hiked over 1000kms, like who does that!… lol. Some days I’m surprised with myself, other days super proud, other days I just wonder when my feet will get back to normal!


We saw a ton of kangaroos, emus, an echidna, a couple of snakes, birds, mice, bandicoots, quandary, wild pigs.

Your Best Equipment

My FLZ poles that absolutely helped me up every hill, down every hill, over each beach crossing, over each mountain and rocky outcrop. My other favorite equipment was my sleep system, which was a Nemo tensor mat and enlightened quilt - I was never once cold and I definitely looked forward to snuggling into bed every night!

Your Worst Equipment

Nothing! All the equipment I took was utilized and did exactly what I needed it to do!

Advice for Others

Research the track, research your equipment, research your food and clothing.
That being said, do try to remember that you are simply hiking/walking, and unless you sustain a significant injury, then you absolutely can hike end to end. Age, gender, size and fitness are not barriers to getting out there!
If you have the time, consider minimising the times you double or triple hut, i found it heaps nicer to get to a hut early and just relax for the arvo.
Each section has amazing things to see with unbelievable scenery and landscapes, so don’t forget to look up, take a breath and soak it all in!!!