Paul Bloffwitch (Da Hut Nut)

Completed: 21 May 2022

Photo of Paul Bloffwitch (Da Hut Nut)
Paul Bloffwitch
Da Hut Nut
  • Start date: 31 March 2022
  • Age When Completed: 55
  • Direction Walked: South to North
  • Others in Group:


General Comments

A fantastic journey. Amazing to be able to walk 1000kms and most of it in the bush/dunes etc.

Food/Supplies Comments

Dehydrated my own and did food drops along the way. Museli or oats for brekky, Thermos meal for lunch. Didn’t grow tired of it all. Not so keen on dehydrated broccoli but all else was great.

Favourite Section

Walpole to Balingup. Loved the forests and the Changing landscapes.


The Pleated Princess in Walpole. What a magnificent tree. Meeting so many friendly, wonderful people along the way and learning about their lives and why they were also on the track.
Trail Angels and track volunteers rock!

Personal Reactions

Wow. Amazing. A fascinating journey for both my mind and body. Testing, trying and satisfying all at once.


Only one spider(?) bite, no apparent tick bites and didn’t need my snakebite kit. Didn’t see any drop bears, hoop snakes or yowies but did see plenty of kangaroos, wallabies, an occasional emu or two but an abundance of other diverse bird life. Fortunate they are still out there.

Your Best Equipment

Silk/cotton sleeping bag liner. No stinky sleeping bag, added warmth at night, gave a cooler option when it was warmer. Versatile and comfortable. Even used it as a mobile changeroom once or twice.

Your Worst Equipment

Nothing springs to mind. Some stuff not used but it was there if I did needed it.

Advice for Others

Get out there, do it and enjoy doing it. Hike your own hike. Listen to advice where it’s given but in the end make your own decisions. Only you know what you want from your journey.