Liz Browning (Lizzymisso)

Completed: 14 April 2022

Photo of Liz Browning (Lizzymisso)
Liz Browning
  • Start date: 30 September 2017
  • Age When Completed: 48
  • Direction Walked: North to South
  • Others in Group:

    Tanya Tabor ‘Lady T’.

General Comments

This is my third sectional end to end.  I completed it with my bestest hiking buddy Tanya Tabor, or on trail, Lady T.  We walked together from Albany Highway after Gringer Creek Shelter all the way to Albany.

Food/Supplies Comments

Most of my food was dehydrated at home but I do mix it up from time to time with some commercially prepared hiking food for variety.  My favourite discovery this time was using a thermos for my lunch.  I would boil some water while having breakfast and mix it in my thermos with some home dried soup powder.  By lunch time it was cool enough to eat and delicious, with the added bonus of not having to stop to eat if the weather was horrendous.  I could just sip as I walked on the warm soup!

Favourite Section

I can’t pin point a favourite section, I love it all.  Each section is so different, and vary from season to season.


Those days when there are several different changes in the environment.  Classic example is from Giants to Rame Head.  You start in the forest, walk through coastal scrub and dunes, then the beach walking, and up into the cliffs.  There are a few days like this on the trail.

Another stand out was the day we walked to Long Point and saw the beach for the first time.  I knew what was coming, but was excited to see Lady T experience it for the first time.

Personal Reactions

I just want to do the track again in one go!!  Work and family prevent me still from doing this, but one day…


I have loved every sighting of every animal, from the smallest lizard to the biggest roo.  Ferral pigs, quendas, cockatoos, echidnas, the list goes on.  I just thank Lady T for being the SPIDERNATOR!  She dismantled thousands of spider webs in front of me as we walked, and occasionally wore the odd orb spider too!

Your Best Equipment

Anything that keeps me warm!  I mostly hike in winter, but am a cold person, so carry a few extra grams to keep warm.  Love my ugg boots, thermals and down sleeping bag.

Your Worst Equipment

I tried out a ‘Packa’ pack cover and raincoat in one.  Great idea in theory, however the fabric wasn’t in the least bit waterproof.  Wasted some dollars on that idea!

Advice for Others

Look after your feet and make sure you equip yourself so that you are warm and cosy at night.  Use the BTF and Facebook pages as a resource before and during your hike.  Always take a paper map and guide book as backup.