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The Beginner’s Guide to Planning an End-to-End Hike

Welcome to your End-to-End planning journey!

This guide is designed to touch on all major aspects of planning an end-to-end (or ‘thru-hike’) of the Bibbulmun Track in Western Australia, from picking your walking window to choosing equipment and food, to registering your end-to-end at the completion of your journey.

There are many details to consider before heading out on a long-distance hike along the Bibbulmun Track. Good planning can make all the difference!



What defines an End-to-End or Thru-hike

Hiking ‘end-to-end’, also referred to as a ‘thru-hike’ or ‘through-hike’, is the act of hiking an established long-distance trail or track, such as the Bibbulmun Track, from start to finish. A hiker who completes the full length of the 1000km Bibbulmun Track is called an End-to-Ender or End-to-End Hiker of the Bibbulmun Track.

To be classified as an End-to-Ender you need to have walked the entire length of the Track. Whether you do this in one go, or in stages over many years (a ‘sectional end-to-end’) makes no difference. It doesn’t matter if you walk some sections from north to south and others from south to north. The important thing is that you have walked every step of the way!

Explore our How To articles to start planning your end-to-end:

How to start planning your End-to-End Hike

Find out what the Bibbulmun Track Foundation can do to help. You don’t have to plan your end-to-end on your own.

Picking a time frame for your End-to-End Hike

The initial planning stage: Heading north to south or south to north? And when will you head out? Will you hike it all in one go or section-by-by section?

How to choose and test your equipment for an End-to-End Hike

Check out our recommended equipment list for overnight walks as well as tips on testing your gear before starting on your through-hike.

Hiking food: How to stay well fed on an End-to-End Hike

Learn about all things food: what will you eat while you are on the Track? How will you prepare your food? What are food drops and should you consider them?

10 questions to ask when planning your End-to-End Hike

As the Bibbulmun Track specialists, we’ve got some experience when it comes to advising hikers on planning their End-to-End Hike. We’ve found some details can often get overlooked.

How to register your End-to-End Hike of the Bibbulmun Track

You’ve done it! Now it’s time to register your End-to-End Hike to receive your badge and certificate. Registering also helps us at the Bibbulmun Track Foundation as it gives us a bit of leverage when it comes to sponsorship and grants.

Getting excited yet? You should be! You’ve got a big journey ahead!

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with the nitty gritty of thru-hike planning, don’t forget that the Bibbulmun Track Foundation is here to help. We offer workshops on end-to-end planning, how to choose your gear, and cooking on a fuel stove.

In addition, Bibbulmun Track Foundation members benefit from our free one-on-one trip planning advice sessions. An experienced End-to-Ender will sit with you and give you heaps of useful advice and tips, check over your itinerary, food drops and even look at some equipment you might be planning to use on your walk. This service is also offered via email for those not in or near Perth.