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Planned Track Maintenance for Maringup Campsite

Maringup campsite, nestled on the shore of the beautiful Lake Maringup south of Northcliffe, is a favourite location for many walkers. However, due to the relatively remote location it is overdue for some maintenance attention. Having survived the 2015 Northcliffe fire (when we lost Gardner and Dog Pool shelters) the timber structure and surrounds require some TLC and repairs.

To achieve this, a large group of BTF volunteers will be in residence on the weekend of 26 and 27 June for the annual Donnelly District Field Day. The group will arrive early afternoon on Saturday 26 June and leave early afternoon the following day, overnighting at the campsite. While the group will make every possible attempt to minimize disturbance, walkers should be aware that there will be additional people, vehicles and equipment present. We suggest you adjust your schedule if desired!