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Who are our Office Volunteers?

Our Office Volunteers are a key group of people who commit to one day per week to support the Foundation staff in keeping the organisation running.

As well as processing memberships and merchandise, they assemble, dispatch, and check-in our range of hire equipment for both, event participants and individual hires. Some will process end-to-end registrations, keep track of the log-book comings and goings, process maintenance reports and verify volunteer hour submissions; and others will answer the many questions we get about the Bibbulmun Track either on the phone, in person, or via email enquiries. There are also a core group of experienced end-to-enders who provide our members with the free Trip Planning Advice service, sometimes in the office, and other times via email (for interstaters and overseas members). There are also phone conversations when they are able to reorientate walkers who have become ‘geographically embarrassed’ while out on the Track. There are a myriad of tasks – some challenging, and some not so, but vital to the running of the office all the same.

But, who are they?

They are people who have worked all over the world in all sorts of careers. We have pilots, submariners, teachers, nurses, engineers, scientists, administrators, accountants and managers, to name but a few. We also have uni students joining us to assist with marketing projects and, on occasion, work-experience students. All bring their own unique value and contribution to the team. Such a variety ensures interesting lunch-time discussions and the telling of fascinating tales. It’s such a delight hearing everyone’s different life experiences and seeing how they enrich our fabulous little office. We are so grateful for their contribution to the Foundation, and especially so in this National Volunteers Week.