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Vehicle Access to & on the Bibbulmun Track

Vehicles, trail bikes and mountain bikes are a problem on the Track. Aside from causing inconvenience to fellow walkers they have caused some serious damage to the Track and facilities as well as injury to walkers.

Vehicles, trails bikes & mountain bikes are not permitted on the Bibbulmun Track, or at any Campsite. If you ever see any vehicles (including trail bikes) on the Bibbulmun Track, discreetly take note of their registration number, the make, model and colour of the vehicle and the location (be as specific as posssible)and report it immediately to the Foundation.

We often have reports of vehicles on the Track and at no access points in DRA, but we can do little with out these details given to us within two weeks of the offence. Whether you collect these details or not, please report the offence to us immediately after your walk. Your report contributes to the overall picture for the management of the Bibbulmun Track. Remember if the map does not show a red/green car it means there is no access to the Track.

Remember – no red/green car = no access.