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Upgrading erosion control in the Perth Hills

Walkers might recently have passed small teams of BTF volunteers upgrading erosion control measures along stretches of the Track in the Perth Hills. This is the start of a concerted campaign to improve erosion control along the Track – to repair existing damage and halt further erosion.

Lunch break
Lunch break

The trail corridor is always vulnerable to the erosion effects of surface water. Good trail design can help minimise erosion by careful alignment across slopes rather than straight up or down. The alignment is complemented by structures built into the tread, which divert surface runoff away from the trail towards the downhill side.

Most walkers will be familiar with the traditional water bars. An alternative now being installed is known as a “rolling grade dip”, which is a couple of metres long and incorporates an apron, ditch, and ramp. The apron collects any runoff coming down the tread and the ramp dams it, forcing it to flow off the Track via the ditch.

The current campaign is being coordinated and led by Support Volunteer Geoff Meates. So far, they have tackled sections including at Jorgensen Park, near South Ledge, either side of Ball Creek CS and above Manns Gully, the steep descent to the Helena River Bridge and either side of Waalegh CS.

We really appreciate the time and effort put into this work by Geoff, other Support Volunteers, and the maintenance volunteers for each section involved.