Walpole to Denmark | Distance: 126km

Along The Track

This section gives walkers the best mix of forest and coast as well as some of the most challenging days on the entire Track. Starting in the magnificent karri and tingle forest southbound walkers are led to the rugged and wild south coast for the second time. Between Peaceful Bay and Denmark there is a mix of long beaches, soft and steep sand dunes, heathland and some forest.

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  • Hilltop lookout with views over the Southern Ocean.
  • Giant Tingle Tree - a short walk along boardwalks to a massive burnt out tingle tree which is still living.
  • Frankland River campsite - voted the best on the Track for its location by the Frankland River.
  • Sappers Bridge -  a log bridge re-built in October 1982 by the 22nd Construction Squadron following flood damage in January 1982.
  • The world famous Tree Top Walk - adjacent to the Bibbulmun Track, a series of sixty-metre walkways which take walkers over a deep, red tingle gully into the tops of the trees to a height of 40 metres above the forest floor.
  • Ficifolia Rd - the original area from which the Red Flowering Gum (Corymbia Ficifolia) has been taken and exported around the world.
  • Conspicuous Beach and Conspicuous Cliffs - standing high above the surrounding heathland, the cliff-top lookout gives fantastic views of the beach. A great whale watching spot in May and November.
  • Peaceful Bay - perfect for an overnight stay with a range of accommodation options, general store and a great swimming beach.
  • The Irwin Inlet which is crossed using canoes dedicated for walkers.
  • The Quarram Nature Reserve, known as the showgrounds, is a very unique area home to much wildlife and flowers in the spring.
  • Boat Harbour - a picturesque little harbour not far from the campsite.
  • Parry's campground is a great little spot for lunch and a swim. Walkers can also camp here if campsites are available.
  • Mazzoletti Beach at William Bay - the longest beach walk on the Track spanning approx. 7km.
  • Fantastic views from Mt Hallowell and Monkey Rock.
  • The Wilson Inlet, over 20km long, is a haven for many water birds including the black swan.

Interesting Places

  • Views over the stunning Walpole and Nornalup Inlets is accessed by taking The Knoll scenic drive just east of Walpole.
  • The Walpole-Nornalup National park offer several tranquil picnic spots including Circular Pool on the Frankland River.
  • The Valley of the Giants including the famous Tree Top Walk and the Ancient Empire.
  • Nornalup, a very small town along the South Coast highway 10km east of Walpole, offers accommodation and canoe hire on the banks of the Frankland River.
  • Whale watching in season from the lookout at Conspicuous Beach.
  • Peaceful Bay offers a great getaway with a range of accommodation options and walks both on and off the Bibbulmun Track.
  • Greens Pool in the William Bay National Park is the perfect spot for a swim and snorkelling in the sheltered waters of the wild Southern Ocean. Lights Beach is also a small sheltered beach.
  • Various wineries, arts and craft centres, cosy cafés, exhibitions, walk trails and whale watching in and near Denmark.

Day Walks

  1. Walpole to Coalmine Beach and back (8km). The Track leaves from the western side of town near the hotel.
  2. Hilltop Lookout to Sapper Bridge via Frankland campsite one-way (12.9km). Travel east along South Coast Highway out of Walpole for 2.5km, turn left into Hilltop Rd and drive another 2km to the lookout.
  3. Sappers Bridge to Frankland campsite and back (5.2km). To get to Sappers Bridge from Walpole, head east on the South West Highway for 3km, turn left onto Hilltop Rd and travel for 6km. Turn right onto Creek Rd and travel for 3.5km to Sappers bridge. When the western access is closed, turn left at Boxhall Rd for 3km, left at Pedro Fireline and then soon after, right at Brainy Cut Off Rd and travel for 1 km.
  4. Sappers Bridge to Walpole one-way (21km).
  5. Sappers Bridge to Tree Top Walk one-way (9.4km).
  6. Tree Top Walk to Giants campsite and back (3.2km). From Walpole travel east along South Coast Highway for 14km, turn left into Valley of the Giants Rd for 5km.
  7. Tree Top Walk to South Coast Highway one-way (4.6km). The Track crosses the South Coast highway 18km from Walpole near Nut Rd (a closed road).
  8. Tree Top Walk to Conspicuous Beach one-way (15.2km). Drive to Conspicuous Beach by following South Coast highway 15km from Walpole, turning right onto Conspicuous Beach Rd and travelling a further 6km to the carpark near the beach.
  9. Conspicuous Beach to Rame Head campsite and back (8km).
  10. Conspicuous Beach to Peaceful Bay one-way (16.4km). Peaceful Bay Rd intersects with the South Coast Highway near Bow Bridge (24.3km east of Walpole).
  11. William Bay to Ocean Beach Rd via William Bay campsite and Mt Hallowell one-way (14.2km). From Denmark travel west along South Coast Highway for 14km and turn left into William Bay Rd for approx. 5km to the Track crossing before reaching the beach and Greens Pool.
  12. Lights Beach to Ocean Beach Rd via monkey Rock and Mt Hallowell one-way (8.5km). From Denmark travel west along South Coast Highway for approx. 400 metres to Ocean Beach Rd, travel for  6.2km and turn right into Lights Rd. Drive another 4.2km and then left into Lights Beach Rd, follow to the beach.
  13. Denmark townsite to Lights Rd via Denmark River and Mt Hallowell one-way (13.4km). The Bibbulmun Track can be accessed via a 1km river side walk trail from the Denmark River Bridge in town. The Bibbulmun Track officially starts at the Denmark River-mouth.

Overnight Walks

  1. Walpole to Frankland River campsite and back (34.8km, two days, one night).
  2. Walpole to Tree Top Walk one-way (29.6km, two days, one night).
  3. Walpole to Conspicuous Beach one-way (46.5km, three days, two nights).
  4. Walpole to Peaceful Bay one-way (62.6km, four days, three nights).
  5. Peaceful Bay to Parry Beach one-way (36.7, two days, one night).
  6. Parry Beach to Boat Harbour and back (25.4km, two days, one night).
  7. Peaceful Bay to Denmark Rivermouth one-way (65.5km, three days, two nights).
  8. Denmark Rivermouth to William Bay campsite and back (39.8km, two days, one night).

Getting There

Walpole is 414km south-east of Perth. It is a drive of approx.  four hours and 45 minutes from Perth, via the Kwinana Freeway, Forrest Highway, Old Coast Rd and the South West Highway.

TransWA operate services daily from Perth to Walpole and Denmark.

There is no public transport to Peaceful Bay, however TransWA will stop on the South Coast Highway at Bow Bridge near Peaceful Bay Rd, 9km from Peaceful Bay. Check our Affiliated Organisations in Walpole and Denmark for transport options.

Peaceful Bay is 33km from Walpole along the South Coast Highway and Peaceful Bay Rd.

Denmark is 66km from Walpole along the South Coast Highway. Denmark can also be reached from Perth via Albany Highway via Albany or via Mt Barker.

Some accommodation providers will transfer you to the Track, provided you are staying with them.

Reflections from the Register

Frankland River campsite

I’m sitting by the river watching the sunset and it’s total peace. Last night may be my last on the Track and signalled an end to an intense five and a half year association with it, starting as a volunteer in 1997 and taking over from Jesse Brampton as the EO of the “Friends”, now the BTF, in 1998. It’s very gratifying to see the results of those hard working years in the pages of the registers. Thank you so much to everyone who supported me and played their part—I will never forget this place.
Becky 05/06/2003

Wonderful to be back at this lovely place after so long. Also great to bring the girls in from Sappers Bridge. So rewarding to read of so many people enjoying the Track. Makes it all worthwhile!
Jesse B. 23/04/03

Giants campsite

Whoa, full on assault from the car people at the Tree Top Walk today!
“You’ve come from where?”
“You walked here from Perth?”
“How many kilometres?”
“On your own?”
“You’ve been walking for eight weeks?”

Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes!
They crack me up!

Fat Chick goes AWOL 28/08/04

Well, it was nice to mingle in the tingle but now it’s time to be beside the seaside—south coast here we come!
Mikki & Adam (Cairns Qld) 11/01/06

Rame Head campsite

Left Giants at 8am and enjoyed the last of the magnificent, majestic tingles. We were then welcomed by the power and rugged beauty of the Southern Ocean—what a contrast. Spent an hour at the lookout just soaking it all up and then got to the shelter at 1.50pm. Off the Peaceful Bay tomorrow—just a short walk, but who’s in a hurry out here?
Pipes and Birch 03/12/02

Goodbye forest, goodbye shade, hello scrubland, hello flies! I don’t think this is the best time of year to do this stretch! Peaceful Bay tomorrow early, where there’s a hot shower and a cold bottle of wine waiting for us—can’t wait!
Trish & Graham (London)   18/12/02           

Spectacular views along Conspicuous Cliff! We forget how varied and beautiful our own backyard is. Thanks for the reminder
Taryn-Lee & Hope 14/01/03

Boat Harbour campsite

The stiffness has set in—just watched the sun sink into the sea—Australia must be at an angle! Seen today brown snakes, kestrel, eagle, emus. On to Denmark. DEC, well done, amazing Track!
Anthony Quinn (Ireland)

Canoes were fun (great idea!) Interesting landscapes; saw three emus in the Showgrounds. Missed our daily dugite but not our friends the flies, mozzies and March flies. (Get used to it!) In the evening we had a visit from a quenda and in the morning we were watched by a kangaroo from the top of the hill. Heading to William Bay!
Jeep & Dick (Holland)

William Bay campsite

Feeling fantastic. Just took a cup of coffee to the lookout and sat on the rock in the sun with the most wonderful view out to sea. Highly recommended!
Cay and Scott 26/03/06

Tips - Things to 'UNDO' when back in civilisation after 63 days in the bush.
- Don't yell out SNAKE if you see a stick on the ground.
- Don't talk about the condition of your feet when socialising (+blisters).
- Don't think that the same outfit for 4 days is ok.
- Don't think that 'few' showers will keep you smelling nice.
It's going to be hard going back to work when I get back.

Prue and Bernice 'Great Grannies' stomping the Bibb!, 20/09/06

Track Towns

  • Walpole

    Located an hour and a half’s drive from Albany in the east and Pemberton in the west, Walpole is an ideal place to base yourself to explore the region and for walking on the Bibbulmun Track. The tiny town, which has a population of about 500, is located in a rather picturesque region of Western Australia where the cool waters of the Southern Ocean meet the tall, majestic forests of the southwest.

  • Peaceful Bay

    Peaceful Bay is a picturesque holiday spot on the edge of the Southern Ocean. While it’s a bit of stretch to call Peaceful Bay a Track Town as it’s such a small community, we have included it in this section as it does offer accommodation and some services for walkers.

  • Denmark

    Denmark is a popular tourist town which has a relaxed village atmosphere, romantic timber milling history and incredible coastal scenery. Just 45 minutes drive west of Albany on the southern coast, Denmark stands on the shores of the spectacular Wilson Inlet and boasts glorious swimming, surfing and fishing beaches.


Full weather details available from Walpole, Peaceful Bayand Denmark.

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Frankland District

Pingerup Rd to Denmark River Mouth
Including Mt Chance campsite to William Bay campsite

Contact: Julie Ewing (Frankland.district@dbca.wa.gov.au)
Telephone: (08) 9840 0400

Opening times: 8am - 4.30pm, Monday to Friday


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