Walpole to Denmark | Distance: 126km

Realignments & Alternative Routes

  • Mazzoletti Beach alternative for southbound walkers

    Please note this alternative route may not be an option if Mazzoletti Beach is closed. Please check Diversions and other Impacts below.

    Depending on conditions due to high tides and the dune access being washed away, southbound walkers only may need to walk along the beach to Greens Pool and along William Bay Road (option 2) or, if conditions permit, climb the dune and walk inland to cross William Bay Road (option 1). This does not affect northbound walkers and they should not divert down William Bay Rd.


    Option 1: follow the existing Track. Walkers should exercise caution on the steep exit at the eastern end of Mazzoletti Beach. Option 2: follow the coast to Greens Pool. A 2.7km alternative route is in place from the eastern end (Denmark side) of Mazzoletti Beach to the Bibbulmun Track crossing on William Bay Road. Hikers should exercise extreme caution when walking along William Bay Road. For more information please contact Parks and Wildlife Walpole on (08) 9840 0400.

Diversions & Other Impacts

  • Coastal erosion

    Location: Walpole to Denmark

    Due to the severe weather conditions experienced recently on the south coast, many of the access points on and off beaches have been severely eroded. 

    Walkers through these sections should be cautious along the beach and be aware of swell surges. Entry and exit points may be difficult to negotiate.

    Furthermore much signage has been washed away making it exceedingly difficult for walkers unfamiliar with the area to navigate their way. Posts and markers will be replaced as soon as possible.

    Walkers unfamiliar with the Track in this area should avoid these sections.

    For further information please contact the Parks and Wildlife Service Walpole office on (08) 9840 0400.

  • Trail Race

    Location: Between Walpole and Denmark

    Walkers should be aware that the Ultra Series will be held on the Bibbulmun Track on 20 - 24 February 2019. 

    Ultra Series WA is keen to ensure that the race has minimum impact on walkers and contributes to the maintenance of the Bibbulmun Track. Ultra Series WA will have a strict code of conduct for their runners and are committed to a detailed check of the courses after the event. 

    Ultra series also make a financial contribution to assist the Bibbulmun Track Foundation in maintaining the Track. 

    The Bibbulmun Track Foundation and Ultra Series WA will be working together to help minimise any negative impact to the Track and ensure the safety of both walkers and runners during the event.

    For more information go to Delirious West 200 Miler