The Darling Range

Kalamunda to Dwellingup | Distance: 211km

Realignments & Alternative Routes

  • Piesse Brook

    The Track has been realigned in this area because of bad erosion and unsafe steps.


    At 3.2km in the north to south Track notes, when you reach the gravel road (Schipp Rd), do not go straight ahead. Turn left, following the gravel road, cross Piesse Brook and then turn right up the steps. The realignment is well marked. Walkers re-join the Track at the top of the ridge. The realignment is approx. 500 metres.

  • Mundaring Weir after hours alternate route

    Please note that the weir wall will be affected while works are conducted between April 2017 and mid-2018. See Diversions and Other Impacts below. The Mundaring Weir wall is usually open until 5pm each day at which time the gates are closed. If the gates are closed take the alternative route to the other side of the wall.


    From the south end of the wall (southbound walkers) follow the markers beyond the toilet block to cross the river at the small footbridge at the base of the wall. Turn right toward the wall and then follow markers ascending steps and an old railway formation up to the top to re-join the Bibbulmun Track.

  • North Bannister spur trail

    The Three-ways roadhouse at North Bannister is linked to the Track via an approx. 1.5km spur trail. There is a restaurant and bar available.


    From Gringer Creek campsite follow the marked trail in front of the shelter. From the roadhouse, cross the side street (which runs off Albany Highway) and look for the trail marker and walk trail to the north.

  • Boonerring Hill spur trail

    Walkers can take a short spur trail to the summit for outstanding 360° views of the area.


    Take the 400 metre trail to the left once you have reached the ridge line behind Boonerring Hill. Ensure you stay off the fragile moss and lichen on the rocky top.

Diversions & Other Impacts

  • Trail Ultra series Race

    Location: Between the Northern Terminus and Perth Hills Discovery Centre

    Walkers should be aware that the Feral Pig ultra series will be held on the Bibbulmun Track on November 3 and 4, 2018. 

    Ultra Series WA is the longest single distance Ultra race of the 6 races in the points competition.

    Ultra Series WA is keen to ensure that the race has minimum impact on walkers and contributes to the maintenance of the Bibbulmun Track. Ultra Series WA will have a strict code of conduct for their runners and are committed to a detailed check of the courses after the event. 

    Ultra series also make a financial contribution to assist the Bibbulmun Track Foundation in maintaining the Track. 

    The Bibbulmun Track Foundation and Ultra Series WA will be working together to help minimise any negative impact to the Track and ensure the safety of both walkers and runners during the event.

    For more information go to

  • Helena Campsite closed

    Location: Between Ball Creek and Waalegh campsites

    Helena Campsite is CLOSED as it was completely destroyed by bushfire. Walkers should keep away from the site as it is unsafe. There is no water, toilet or shelter there. There is no temporary campsite.

    It is 18km between Ball Creek and Waalegh Campsites. Walkers need to be prepared to walk to the next campsite and carry sufficient water.

    For more information contact the Parks and Wildlife Service Mundaring on (08) 9260 6100.

  • Mundaring Weir Walkway closure

    Location: Between Hewett's Hill and Ball Creek campsites

    The Bibbulmun Track is closed for approximately 200m while the Water Corporation undertake construction works. Access across the weir wall is not available, although the wall is open from the north only. A 360m diversion is in operation as shown in green on the map (work is taking longer than expected).

    Download the map.

    The trail between the south end of the dam walkway and the Learning Centre remains unchanged. Walkers will cross over the Helena River pedestrian bridge, and follow the signage heading north, towards Pump Station A. The diversion ends north of the dam walkway.

    The original alignment will remain closed until works have been completed. For your safety remain on the marked diversion, adhere to all signage and directions from staff. Walkers should be aware of construction vehicles and other traffic while on the Track.

    For more information contact the Water Corporation on 13 13 85 or the Department of Parks and Wildlife Mundaring on (08) 9290 6100.

  • North Banister roadhouse

    Location: 1km from Gringer Creek campsite

    The Threeways roadhouse (tavern and restaurant) at North Bannister is open from 7am to 7pm daily. The petrol service station is open similar hours.

    Please note that the roadhouse and the service station are two separate businesses. 

    Food parcels

    Parcels will be charged $10/parcel. $5 for any additional parcel for the same person. 

    It can take a number of weeks for mail to reach them from Perth as their mail is not delivered directly to them. 

    Walkers should post food parcels at least two weeks prior to starting their walk from the northern terminus.

    Post parcels to:
    6519 Albany Hwy
    North Bannister 6390.

    Walkers will need a valid ID to collect. Parcels will be store for 21 days once received. 

    Contact the roadhouse on (08) 9884 1070 or via social media for further information.


    Methylated spirits for trangia type stoves is sold at the service station along with refreshments and food typically available at a petrol station.

    The roadhouse is looking at stocking gas canisters and other food supplies for walkers. When this becomes available, it will be posted here.

    Showers and accommodation are not currently available.

  • Blasting near Mt Wells and White Horse Hills campsites

    Location: Between White Horse Hills and Chadoora campsites south of the Albany Highway and north of Dwellingup/

    Newmont Boddington Gold advise that blasting adjacent to Mt Wells campsite will take place each week until further notice. Although the blasting will not impact upon the Track, given the proximity of the blasting to the campsite and the Track, walkers should be aware of the noise. The blasts typically occur between 1pm and 3pm.

    Walkers should also note that ALCOA are blasting on the western side of the Track though a greater distance away from the Track. These blasts are closer to White Horse Hills campsite than MT Wells campsite.

    Walkers wishing greater serenity should avoid the section of Track from North Bannister to Dwellingup as mine workings can be heard 24hrs a day to varying degrees from all three campsites (White Horse Hills, Mt Wells and Chadoora).