The Darling Range

Kalamunda to Dwellingup | Distance: 211km

Along The Track

Located in the Perth hills, 24km east of the centre of Perth, the Bibbulmun Track Northern Terminus in Kalamunda is the starting point for walkers heading south. The Darling Range provides plenty of opportunities for day walkers and weekenders with plenty of access points and the first few campsites only 10km apart. The Track passes through a mix of jarrah, marri and wandoo forests, the latter providing open woodlands giving walkers and immense sense of space. The views from Helena, Waalegh and Beraking campsites are outstanding. Sit high up on Abyssinia Rock and watch the sunset or perhaps sit in silence atop Mt Vincent, Mt Cuthbert or Mt Cooke and just absorb it all! Some challenging sections can be found here including at the very start in Kalamunda. Through walkers will need to plan ahead as there are no re-supply points until Dwellingup - some 12 days away - other than a service station at North Bannister.

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  • Hewett's Hill campsite, the first campsite heading south, is a popular picnic spot for day walkers.
  • Golden View Lookout - located just below the South Ledge picnic area - panoramic views of Mundaring Weir and Lake CY O’Connor.
  • Walking across the Mundaring Weir wall.
  • Outstanding views from the top of Mt Dale, Mt Cuthbert, Mt Vincent and Mt Cooke.
  • 360 degree views from the top of Boonerring Hill.
  • Mt Wells campsite features an old fire lookout with a viewing platform.  This is the only campsite that has a hut - originally used by the fire watchmen.

Interesting Places

  • The Zig Zag Cultural Centre in Kalamunda houses the Visitor Information Centre and an art gallery.
  • The Kalamunda History Village - for an insight into the timber and rail heritage of Western Australia.
  • Visit the No.1 Pumping station and museum below the weir wall. Explore the history and controversy surrounding the construction of the Mundaring Weir, the pump stations and the pipeline which transports water a massive 560km.
  • Department of Parks and Wildlife information centre and vehicle based camping (bookings essential, fee payable) at the Perth Hills Discovery Centre. For information and bookings, click here
  • Walk to Jarrahdale from Sullivan Rock on the Balmoral Trail via the Balmoral Prisoner of War Camp. Visit the Jarrahdale Heritage Society for more infomation.

Day Walks

  1. Kalamunda Northern Terminus to Hewett's Hill campsite and back (20.4km).  From Perth, drive along the Great Eastern Highway to Kalamunda Rd. Turn right onto Canning Rd then left on to Mead St. The Northern Terminus is on the north-east side of the round-about at Mead St, Railway Rd, and Mundaring Weir Rd.
  2. Fern Rd to Hewett's Hill campsite and back via Calamuunda Camel Farm (8.6km). From Perth, drive along the Great Eastern Highway to Kalamunda Rd. Turn right onto Canning Rd then left on to Mead St. Continue through the round-about at the Northern Terminus onto Mundaring Weir Rd. Turn left at Fern Rd and proceed until you reach a T-junction. Watch for Bibbulmun Track signs.
  3. Asher Rd to Hewett's Hill campsite and back (3.6km). From Perth, drive along the Great Eastern Highway to Kalamunda Rd. Turn right onto Canning Rd then left onto Mead St. Continue through the round-about at the Northern Terminus onto Mundaring Weir Rd. Turn left at Fern Rd and proceed until you reach a T-junction. Watch for Bibbulmun Track signs.
  4. Mundaring Weir Hotel to South Ledge/Golden View and back (7.4km). From Perth, drive along the Great Eastern Highway to Mundaring, turn right in Mundaring on to Mundaring Weir Rd, continue straight ahead at the round-about. The hotel is on the right. Look for Bibbulmun Track signs in front of the hotel.
  5. Perth Hills Discovery Centre to Hewett’s Hill campsite and back (16km). From Perth, drive along the Great Eastern Highway to Mundaring, turn right in Mundaring on to Mundaring Weir Rd, continue a further 7km to the round-about and turn left on to Allen Road. The Centre is approx. 1km along Allen Road on the right.
  6. Dale Rd to Beraking campsite and back (19.2km). Take Brookton Highway in Kelmscott to Ashendon Rd. Turn left into Ashendon Rd and then right into Dale Rd.
  7. Dale Rd to Brookton Highway (10.4km). Take Brookton Highway in Kelmscott for approx. 33km to the Bibbulmun Track crossing under the major powerlines.
  8. Brookton Highway to Brookton campsite and back (5km). Take Brookton Highway in Kelmscott for approx. 33km to the Bibbulmun Track crossing under the major powerlines.
  9. Sullivan Rock to Monadnocks campsite and back (15.4km). Take Albany Highway from Armadale to Sullivan Rock picnic area (9km south of the Jarrahdale Rd turnoff).
  10. Sullivan Rock to Mt Cooke campsite and back (12km).
  11. Etmilyn Siding to Dwellingup one-way (9km). To get to Etmilyn Siding, catch the Hotham Valley Tourist train from Dwellingup (check with the HVTR first) to Etmilyn Siding. Initially, the Track follows the railway line closely.

Overnight Walks

  1. Kalamunda to Hewett's Hill campsite return (20.4km, two days one night).
  2. Perth Hills Discovery Centre to Helena campsite return (22.4km, two days, one night).
  3. Kalamunda to Dale Rd (57km, three days, two nights).
  4. Perth Hills Discovery Centre to Dale Rd (38.7km, three days, two nights).
  5. Kalamunda to Brookton Highway (69.7km, four days, three nights).
  6. Perth Hills Discovery Centre to Brookton Highway (51.4km, three days, two nights).
  7. Brookton Highway to Sullivan Rock (31.3km, three days, two nights).
  8. Sullivan Rock to Monadnocks and back (15.4km, two days, one night).
  9. Sullivan Rock to North Bannister (, three days, two nights).
  10. North Bannister to Dwellingup one-way (67km, four days, three nights).

Getting There

Kalamunda is located 24km east of the centre of Perth. The Northern Terminus in Kalamunda can be reached by a 30 minute drive along the Great Eastern Highway, Great Eastern Highway Bypass, Kalamunda Rd, Meade St and Railway Rd.

Transperth buses 296 and 299 go directly from Perth Esplanade City bus port to Kalamunda bus station on Meade St, which is close to the Bibbulmun Track Northern Terminus. Visit Transperth for more information.

There is no public transport to the Track in the Mundaring Weir area. Transperth buses stop at the Mundaring Visitor Centre on the Great Eastern Highway. The nearest train station is in Midland.

TransWA bus services operate daily to North Bannister at the Three-Ways Roadhouse on Albany Highway.

The next Track town south is Dwellingup, via the area of the Mundaring Weir (7km from Mundaring) and North Bannister, which itself offers a range of walks and accommodation options. Dwellingup is located 96km south of Kalamunda, a drive of one hour and 20 minutes.

There is no public transport to Dwellingup.

Reflections from the Register

Hewett's Hill Campsite

Sarah speaking here. First time on the Track. It is great. I love it. A beautiful view, great experience. I am 13 years old. One day I plan to do the whole Track. I am here with my dad Ashley. He has been great. Went from Perth to here. Have fun all of you people.

It is CHALLENGING for me. Slipped twice. Walked with my dad. It is hard work. Is it for you?
Leticia, 08/10/03

Wanted to try the world famous pie & pint in Albany. Thought I'd walk there to increase my hunger and thirst. Two months ‘till I get it. Better be worth it. Love the track!
Graeme from Perth, 17/10/03

At 12.20pm my dad, my brother Tim and I arrived. On the way we stopped at the Camel farm and got an icecream. It is my first overnight and I'm pretty exited. Tomorrow morning my mom is going to pick us up at the Mundaring pub, so dad can have some pints and Timothy and I can have some chips or something.
Bye bye.

Gabrielle and 2x Tim (father & son called Tim)

I had a good day walking 10km but I was running half the way, so today my legs are a bit sore but I love finding Waugals. Now we go to Kalamunda. I hope it's a good day and I know I'm not going to RUN!!!!! Bye.
James, aged 12, 01/10/03

I would like to take the opportunity to thank The Foundation, CALM, all the volunteers, sponsors and to everybody who was involved with the Bib Track’s creating and maintaining. It is a fantastic walk in one of the most beautiful, scenic and diverse regions of this planet. A real gem. For me it was a "walk of a lifetime". I enjoyed it very much; it was also a great challenge for body and mind. But I got many rewards for the body-pains, sore feet, sleepless, cold nights. There is "bitter sweet" finishing the track today.
Hanspeter, 27/03/04

Ball Creek Campsite

Oh my God! This is our last night on the Bib Tack from Albany. It has truly been an eye-opening experience. To not worry about the stresses of the normal day, bills, times, money, fuel. The time out here really slows down. To allow yourself to think, to motivate yourself for the tasks in the future. To set goals. I will miss it!
Kylie, 08/06/04

It’s still pouring with rain and my pants are soaked right through and my socks are going squish and my boots have puddles inside them! IT’S FANTASTIC!!! I’m loving this and I hope it’s wetter and muddier tomorrow!!! I want to jump IN MANY MORE PUDDLES!!!
Edwina L 10/07/03

Helena Campsite

I was planning to move on to Waalegh after lunch but the combined pulling power of my blisters and this view have convinced me to stay. The flies are drinking my insect repellent. This worries me.
Anon 31/10/01

On my way to Mundaring Weir to spend the night at the hotel, although it would be nice to stay here. We have nothing like this in England, UK. Well done to the volunteers who look after the campsites and trail. You are doing a great job.
David Tyson 06/12/02

Woke at 5 am to a magnificent sunrise with breathtaking views. The sound of birds, clear blue skies, fresh air and rainwater to wake up to (no wonder I wake so early). There’s too much and I want to absorb it all. These last four days, I couldn’t want or ask for more. I feel calm, relaxed and content. I found part of me. I fell in love! If I could freeze a moment in time….. I will never forget this. Thank you all you volunteers, you have given me a memorable, priceless experience. You have touched my heart. What a beautiful country I live in. If only more people could see what is in front me, maybe then….?
Brownie and Sophie  20/12/02

It is great to see there’s still a lot of “real people” out walking who haven’t lost touch with the simple things in life and beauty that’s everywhere if you look. Thanks to the volunteers for a great spot.
Karlos, Newcastle, England  09/09/02

My dad dragged me out here. I didn’t want to come but he said I should see all the wild life. I didn’t see one thing until we were almost at the hut and then boing! boing! a kangaroo came flying out of the bush. It scared the #%$@ out of me and that was the highlight of the day!
David 25/09/1999
P.S. It rained all night.

Waalegh Campsite

Saw the best sunset ever last night—what a campsite! Yesterday I stood face to face with a kangaroo at a distance of about two metres, one of the best experiences of my life so far. Will go north to Ball Creek today, thanks for a wonderful night.
Joe 06/09/00

Arrived from Ball Creek after quite a hard walk today as it was very warm out on the trail. We’re going to have steak and chips for dinner, washed down with ice cold beer but decided to settle for two-minute noodles and water—yum yum!
The Yorkshire Men on the Move 07/11/98

Beraking Campsite

Really enjoying a taste of Aussie bush and birdlife. A wonderful track and deluxe accommodation!! Thanks to CALM & Bibbulmun supporters and volunteers. We are impressed with this style of fireplace and hope we can get the same happening in the Coromandel!!
Carol & Mike Nanning and friend Buchanan  (2 Kiwis and one)  5/07/02

Spotted the first wedge-tailed eagle of the walk at Waalegh and watched a red sun set over the ridge. Clichéd as it is, it is hard to articulate the scenery/vistas out here. It’s hard to put into words a description of the amazing environment we have passed through.
Bec   20/11/01

What a view, what serenity and peace. Walked here from Waalegh this morning and true to plan spent the rest of the day… I don’t know, absorbing the tranquillity, feeding my senses. I can’t remember when last I was so relaxed. Even my body is beginning to settle into the regime and has stopped complaining. Even the flies don’t bother me anymore. This trip is turning out even better than I dared imagine.
Peter  14/12/01

Spectacular sun-set over the Darkin Ridge yesterday, lighting up the trees with an orange glow:
The golden sun expires over the mountain ridge
The yellow river meanders back to the sea
If you seek further horizons, friend
Why, you must then climb higher still…
A poem of the Tang Dynasty, 7th century AD,

Greetings from Henry from Hong Kong.  7/05/02

Canning Campsite

So, after wifey missing the Track between Beraking and Mt Dale, we’re a little behind. Oh, apologies for the messy handwriting but I am not taking my gloves off—nor my three pairs of trousers! Anyway, that provoked the best argument so far but half way through it Mother Nature intervened by sending torrential rain and by the time it finished we were in love again. Which is just as well since I think I’m going to need to borrow some body warmth tonight! Another fabulous shelter!
Glen & Pamela Boardman 07/09/07

I am from Hong Kong. It is an extremely wonderful experience for me. I enjoy the starry nights! It is good outside classroom learning to feel the power of nature, feeling myself very small and insecure, but this is an important life lesson. Thank you!
Suzuya (Hong Kong)

Monadnocks Campsite

Good to get away from the big smoke (Perth) and smell fresh air again. We camped out on the rocks last night and watched the billions of stars. This place is timeless; thanks for keeping it that way.
Ben 24/01/98

We are four exchange students from America, Canada and Sweden who have travelled from afar to be here together tonight and it is beautiful. Wonderful shelters, spectacular views, great company and another excellent memory of Australia to carry with us as we continue our travels. We’ve had a wonderful time on the Track…so many stories to tell…we can’t wait to come back someday soon.
Jason, Michele, Prasheedha and CC  04/11/00

Mt Cooke Campsite

So, this isn’t Monadnocks, huh? Methinks something went awfully wrong between Sullivan’s Rock and here! Well, it was a nice walk anyway, but don’t tell my shoulders, they are convinced that a weekend of idle pampering would have been better. Suggestion: perhaps the T-junction at Sullivan’s map could be better marked or perhaps we could have brought the WHOLE MAP, not just the photocopied enlargement that my darling fiancé thought was a good idea! Anyway it looks as if I’ll now be cajoled into climbing Mount Cooke, then home tomorrow.
Lovely spot, very impressed with the shelter.

Lara and Geoff  10/10/98

Arrived in pretty good nick today. My good leg is finally better than my bad leg again, meaning that I can move along more smoothly. I’m feeling confident that I could make it to Albany with the option of bailing out at Dwellingup. Feeling fitter, it’s taken a lot longer than the mythical “three days”.
Ralph 10/08/05
(Editor’s note. If anyone understands this, could they email their interpretation to the office?)

Gringer Creek Campsite

Loved the stepping stones tree trunks. They are fun to walk on. Nice clean campsite. Walked in with Dad - nice bonding time - thanks Dad.
What a girl Kylie. Enjoys my company with no strings attached. It is a pleasure Kylie to share this special time with you.  Thank you to the volunteers for the upkeep.


It is the last tuna fish lunch and then farewell to the Track for us. Tonight at the Roadhouse and tomorrow back to Kalamunda to collect the car. We leave with sore feet, smelly socks and not a teabag left between us – but with the Bib in our blood – so watch this space – we’ll be back!!
Graham & Trish, London, England. (8 great days & 7 memorable nights.) 14/03/02

After a wonderful walk from White Horse Hills this morning in beautiful sunshine, we arrived to a silver service, gourmet lunch brought in by two loving supportive friends who also brought fresh supplies to see us through to the finish of our end-to-end endeavour. This time next Sunday we will be back in our homes after two months of wonderful freedom on this Track – how will we cope? Will our new look at life stand the strains of day-to-day stress? If you have time, consider an E-E, you will not regret it.
Jude & Ross (2 stick ladies)  19/05/02

White Horse Hills Campsite

The flies are completely out of control here. Far worse than at any of the other camps. I mean, it’s 6.30pm and there are still bloody millions of them. Don’t they have any respect for human rights?!!
Iain Brodie, (Scotland).

Mt Wells Campsite

Team Holden with Gail at the helm (grate) smoked out the hut to create a sultry night club atmosphere, with swinging lantern but no saloon doors. Chowed down on sardines sautéed in garlic and cumin for lunch and chicken laksa soup with pasta carbonara and a crisp white Vasse Felix special for dinner.  Ah, delusion, delusion…
F J Holden (contemplating a life apart from a world gone mad)  12/09/01

Can someone solve my problem - I keep wondering if I am walking “down” to Albany, how come I have to go “up” so much…?
Me & Gryglie’s Bear. Mount Wells  16/09/05

I stopped for a look at one of those lizards you see scuttling about on the rocks, presumable an ornate crevice dragon. It bobbed its head a couple of times & looked at me – sizing me up as a potential food source. As I was about to move on, one of my companying entourage of flies got too close to the dragon and it leapt into the air to snatch the fly mid-flight. It almost turned a back-flip. I think it missed the fly. Then two dragons flashed towards me and nabbed a big march fly right off the toe of my boot. Action replay- grabbed another fly, then two more. What a champion! I went on a few flies lighter. Someone could make a business out of these little lizards.
Anon 25/11/01

Chadoora Campsite

I made it! (So there Hughie!) Even though I was nearly bowled over by a small mob of big kangaroos streaking past both sides of me at close quarters. Saw only one snake (despite all dire predictions from well-meaning non-walker friends). It was thin and short with its head behind a log – as I walked past that baby and saw around the log, it got thicker and longer – turns out it was enormous and I still couldn’t see as far as its head. Just as well we didn’t bother each other. Between orchids, trigger plants, beautiful parrots, perfect weather and the hut showing up before I expected it I couldn’t have had a better day if it was made to order!
Cathy R    27/10/01

Amazing! Two emus came up to us at the campsite 10am. They took bread from our hands. No camera with us, spewing!
St John Paramedic Hiking Boys 03/07/03

Track Towns

  • Kalamunda

    Located in the Perth hills, Kalamunda is the starting point for walkers heading south. The town has the feel of an English village and along with a great range of cafes, restaurants and pubs you'll find boutiques and galleries to browse. A great place to spend a night before heading off on the Track or to rejuvenate on your return.

  • Mundaring

    The Track does not pass through the village of Mundaring but does cross its most popular feature, the Mundaring Weir, 7km from the centre of the village. Mundaring is a vibrant cultural community and a haven for nature-based activities, especially walking and cycling.

  • Dwellingup

    Only one and a half hours from Perth, Dwellingup is a popular destination for weekends and day trips. Surrounded by forest and with the Murray River close by, the town offers a number of attractions including a steam train which is a novel way to be dropped off for an 8km walk back to town on the Bibbulmun Track.


Full weather details available from Kalamunda, Mundaring, Mt Dale, North Bannisterand Dwellingup.

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