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Swamp Oak Shelter Extended

In January 2019 a team of support volunteers returned to Swamp Oak Campsite to complete the shelter extension.

Over six days the front roof section was removed, old timberwork demolished, sleeping area extended, new rafters and posts oiled and erected, new roofing installed, and gutters and piping refitted. In addition, two new fire rings, three picnic tables and extra seating was installed.

This is the first of half a dozen campsite upgrades to increase the capacity of shelters and install additional tent sites and seating areas to meet increased demand. Walker feedback from our vision survey and workshop was taken into consideration by the Department who drew up the plans and liaised with our support volunteer coordinators.

Our sincere thanks to all the volunteers who took part in multiple trips to the campsite to plan and carry out the improvements including Lari McDonald, Hedley Amos, , Gordon Thomas, Ross Simpson, Ron Greenhalgh, , Tor Clarke, Charlie Soord and Mark Davidson. Thanks also to Department Dwellingup staff who delivered gravel, timber and other large items needed for the extension.

We are sure walkers will agree that they have done an outstanding job!