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Student involvement in Track maintenance – The Montessori School, Kingsley

Students from The Montessori School in Kingsley have been involved with Track maintenance since 2010. That was when their Year 11 Geography students adopted the section from North Bannister, past Gringer Creek campsite, across Albany Highway, and west alongside the edge of the forest towards Boonerring Hill. Senior students have been carrying out maintenance of this section ever since.

Teacher and group leader, Jaromir Kulir, describes their contribution…

“Our main obligation has been pruning the vegetation that encroaches onto the trail, checking the track markings, making sure that the shelter and the campsite are in order, but also clearing the litter that (sadly) steadily accumulates at North Bannister Roadhouse. However, the maintenance is only a part of the experience. Just being there, with the people who we may know very well but who are now a bit different – far from the daily routine, in the “middle of nowhere”, surrounded by the ever-green bush, and (during overnight stays) dreamlike sky that has now far more stars than we ever counted.

It is encouraging, but not surprising, that more than a decade after our first student group decided to adopt the Bibbulmun Track, our current oldest students are willing to put their hands up for a trip down to Gringer Creek.”

Parents and staff volunteers have provided invaluable support to enable the school to continue their involvement.