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Sectional Vollies complete TS124 Steps Replacement

Extending from the Peaceful Bay trail head to the canoe shed on the western side of Irwin Inlet, TS124 includes a number of steps, some of which provide terrific views of the Inlet and beach.

About 6 years ago, long before the advent of well organised Support Volunteer Campaigns, the sectional volunteers replaced twenty of the original steps with repurposed jarrah signage and star irons provided by Parks & Wildlife in Walpole, however over time these too proved to be less than satisfactory.

More recently the sectional vollies determined the scope of works required to replace all the steps and in November 2022 Parks & Wildlife delivered brand new pine risers and star irons to site in readiness for the work.  Much of this material was part of the BTF stockpile in Walpole from previous South Coast campaigns.

Over five visits between June 2023 and November 2023 a team of volunteers installed a total of 53 new steps, with the bulk of the work attributed to sectional vollies. The result is a far more comfortable experience for walkers and a great long-term outcome for the Bibbulmun Track by avoiding any further impact from erosion.

THE CAST (in order of appearance) included: Ian Rae, John Hosking, Leigh Wallace, John Fathers, Charmaine Harris, Selene Moonbeams, Margot Lowe and Mark Davidson.

See below before and after photos: