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Picking a time frame for your End-to-End Hike


It takes around six to eight weeks on average to walk the whole Track, nearly 1000km between Kalamunda and Albany.

Due to the weather conditions during the Australian summertime (December to March), we recommend walking during the cooler months, April to early November. Of course, this advice can vary a little and depend on the current conditions.

October and November can be hot, cold and all points in between. Overnight temperatures in late winter and early spring can get down to as low as minus 10 in some areas in the northern half. The rain usually starts in May (earlier in the south) and the wettest months are usually June and August.  In the northern half we tend to get heavy rain then it stops. There can be lots of drizzle along the south coast.

You can check the weather forecast and also get historical weather patterns here.

Don’t complete an end-to-end over the summer

It is strongly recommended that you do not complete an end-to-end (or any extended walk) anytime between December and the start of March (Australian summertime). The Track gets very hot and the bushfire risk is extreme. Temperatures can range from low 30s to mid-40s.

In recent years the Track has been severely impacted by bushfires with the destruction of campsites and other structures which firefighters were not able to save due to the ferocity of the fires between December and March. Much of the Track is difficult to access quickly in an emergency and more so during a bushfire. Please plan to walk outside of these months and avoid putting your life at risk and the lives of those who may be able to rescue you.

Watch this video about bushwalker safety and fire. It shows how close a walker came to perishing in a bushfire in January 2018 at a Bibbulmun Track campsite.

Which way should I do my end-to-end? Kalamunda to Albany or Albany to Kalamunda?

If you are starting in autumn (April/May), we suggest walking from Albany to Kalamunda. This is so that you are walking away from the approaching winter on the south coast. Conversely, if you are starting in spring (September/October), then walk away from the approaching warmer temperatures in the north and make your way to Albany. There can be other reasons why you might walk in one direction as opposed to another. Taking advantage of our trip planning advice service available for members may help you decide.

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