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National Volunteer Week 2024 – Celebrating the diversity in our volunteer team!

25 May 2024


Volunteers gathered at one of our thank you events.
Volunteers gathered at one of our thank you events.


Our volunteers are at the heart of the BTF mission to support the Track and walkers. This National Volunteer Week – with the theme “Something For Everyone” – we are celebrating the diversity within our volunteer community.

We currently coordinate nearly 450 volunteers – their contribution is impressive and much appreciated.

Volunteers give their time and effort to Track and campsite maintenance, provision of information and services, leading walks and events, promotion and marketing, data management and advocacy.

The common thread linking all our volunteers is a love for the Track, which drives their commitment to ‘giving back’. However, hiking is an activity attracting people with a variety of personal cultures, occupational backgrounds and other hobbies. Location, too… we’re lucky to engage volunteers living across the south-west (and sometimes further afield!).

To capture this diversity, volunteers were asked to contribute their own personal style, occupation and interests. Responses were diverse – as illustrated in these graphics, used on our social media platforms during the week. Don’t they give a great sense of the people behind the roles?!



Each person giving back to the Track has their own story. Whatever their life holds, we’re really grateful they also love the Track!

We truly thank them for their contribution supporting the Track and walkers – we couldn’t fulfill our mission without them!