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Flooding on Track

We’ve been blessed with lots of rain recently – but be aware that this has caused flooding and other issues on the Track. We are aware of flooding south of Dwellingup and also that severe weather has impacted the Track on the south coast washing away trail markers and causing erosion.

We advise checking conditions with the local Parks & Wildlife offices in the Track towns as well as the Track Conditions on our Trip Planner Pages on our website. Click here to find the Track conditions on the section you wish to walk.

If you ever encounter deep water and are tempted to cross please remember that the water may appear to be calm on the surface, however currents beneath the surface can be strong. Entering floodwaters is extremely risky, and the more remote you are the longer it takes for emergency responders to attend. Always unbuckle the waist belt of your pack if water is deeper than shin deep and do not attempt to cross fast flowing flooded areas.

The Bureau of Meteorology has issued various flood warnings for a number of rivers crossed by the Bibbulmun Track including the Murray River, the Collie River and the Blackwood River.

Wading across the inlet by hikers.
Wading across the inlet by hikers.