Andrew Kowald

Completed: 12 April 2022

Photo of Andrew Kowald
Andrew Kowald
  • Start date: 3 July 2020
  • Age When Completed: 51
  • Direction Walked: North to South

General Comments

I began my hiking journey by celebrating my 50th birthday with eight other friends and family on a hike between Dwellingup and Collie and finished my end-to-end with a solo hike from Denmark to Albany. When I took my first step I never dreamed I would one day walk the whole track, and after taking my last step I am now inspired to walk the whole track again, but this time in one go.

Food/Supplies Comments

I began with the Wild Country meals (the Thai Chicken Curry is still my favourite) and then over the course of my hiking adventures, started experimenting with my own deydrator. A small packet of Chilli flakes is my key to tasty meals on the trail!

Favourite Section

My favourite section would have to be between Walpole and Denmark which I hiked with my good friend from Adelaide. We never thought we would pull it off with all the COVID travel restrictions at the time, so it felt like an absolute miracle when we actually started our trek through the forests outside of Walpole. From the tall trees to the sandy beaches, the variety in this section was an absolute delight!


I can honestly say I enjoyed every single day out on the trail, but one of my highlights would have to be walking across the top of Mt Cooke in wildflower season!

Personal Reactions

There’s nothing quite so refreshing as being out in God’s creation, unplugged from the stresses of society and with everything you need for your next day of life, all contained in your backback. It is so beautiful in its simplicity!


After having never seen a snake in all my bushwalking adventures, I was surprised to see seven snakes in one section between Walpole and Demark. They weren’t quite as scary in real life as I thought they would be.

Your Best Equipment

My Osprey Exos backpack and Black Diamond Carbon Distance X Hiking Poles revolutionized my hiking experience. I also wouldn’t be without my trusty Jetboil.

Your Worst Equipment

Nothing really. Everything seemed to work pretty well.

Advice for Others

Find a friend, get some gear together and give it a go!