Denmark / Albany

Denmark to Albany | Distance: 85km

Inlet Crossings

  • Wilson Inlet

    The Bibbulmun Track reaches the Wilson Inlet at the Denmark Rivermouth, and resumes on the southern side of the inlet (the Nullaki Peninsula). There are three options to cross the inlet. Before undertaking this section, please contact the Parks and Wildlife Service in Albany or Walpole for the latest conditions on the Wilson Inlet, and the alternative routes. 

    1. Boat

    Crossing the Nullaki Inlet by boat is no longer a reliable option due to sporadic service. There are some boat operators in Denmark that may be able to help you. Contact the Denmark Visitor Centre on (08) 9848 2055 and enquire if either Madfish Charters or the Denmark Rivermouth Caravan Park are able to help. The Rivermouth Caravan Park (on 08 9848 1262) run seasonal cruises on the inlet and may be able to assist.

    It is advisable to try and book your trip well in advance.

    2. Vehicle

    Some tour operators will transport you around the inlet by road to the Track crossing on the Nullaki Peninsula. Check our Affiliated Organisations in Denmark for their contact details. The Denmark Taxi service has closed.


    The above are the preferred and safest options for walkers. 

    3. Walking

    An alternative route is marked in green on the Bibbulmun Track maps but this does involve a long walk from Denmark along the Denmark-Nornalup Heritage Trail and then onto bitumen roads to the Eden Rd crossing. This alternate route should only be undertaken if the above options are for whatever reason unavailable.

    There used to be another alternative which relied upon crossing the Wilson Inlet Sandbar but this does not form part of the Bibbulmun Track and is not marked or maintained. Walkers should be very wary of snakes in the long grass as well as the fact that parts of this route may well be under water up to 600mm deep depending on recent rainfall and the time since the last sandbar breach.  If you use this route, you do so at your own risk. Please stay on the old vehicle track if it is visible and respect the rights of private property owners. Check the tides and local weather conditions before you attempt to cross the sandbar. Do not attempt to cross if the inlet is flowing.

    Latest Information

    The sandbar across the Wilson Inlet is currently formed so walkers can cross between the surf club and the northern shore of the Nullaki peninsula.

    Walkers are reminded that if, on inspection, the sandbar has broken and the water is flowing, you will need to seek an alternative crossing point or wait for low tide. If you have any doubts at all about the depth of the water and wading across then you should take the alternative route along South Coast Highway marked in light green on the map, arrange the boat or taxi service.

    For more information contact the Water Corporation on 0476 841 785 or the Parks and Wildlife Service Albany on (08) 9842 4500.

  • Torbay Inlet

    The Torbay Inlet channel is rarely more than ankle deep, but it can be well over one metre deep during peak flows. For many months of the year, it is easily traversed, as a sand bar is well formed.

    When the sandbar is breached the water is likely to be flowing swiftly, initially through a deep channel. Large volumes of water, high tide and wind may combine to create large waves and dangerous surges.

    When the inlet is flowing, usually during winter and spring, the crossing can be waded using extreme caution. If the water appears to be flowing swiftly upstream, walk across at the sea end of the inlet. This is usually fairly shallow.

    Conditions may improve with low tide and it may be worthwhile to wait it out. Do not cross if you have any doubt at all about the depth of water and wading across.

    When wading through any body of water, which is more than shin deep, make sure that you unfasten the waistband and sternum straps of your pack. This precaution allows for easy and immediate removal of your backpack if you fall over in the water.

    If you are in doubt about the safety of the crossing or if the water is greater than thigh deep, take the alternative route (approx 19km) marked in green on Bibbulmun Track Map 8.

    You are advised to contact the Albany Parks and Wildlife Service district office for information about inlet conditions just before you plan to make the crossing.

    Check the tides and local weather conditions before you attempt to cross the sandbar.

    Latest information

    The Water Corporation last opened the sandbar across Torbay inlet on Monday 29 October.  The sandbar has fully formed.

    For further information please contact the Parks and Wildlife Service Albany (08) 842 4500 or Water Corporation on 13 13 85.