Collie to Balingup | Distance: 86km

Along The Track

Heading south from Collie, walkers have in mind that the next town, Balingup, and indeed civilisation as one walks is not far away. Not far south of Collie the Bibbulmun Wellington Spur trail joins the main Track. The spur trail connects the Track with Wellington Dam to the west and has two group campsites. Glen Mervyn Dam is a great place to cool off or just watch the sunlight reflect off the ripples. Across the dam wall and onto the tiny settlement of Mumballup walkers are rewarded with the Mumballup Forest Tavern - a different kind of oasis! It isn't long before walkers are rewarded with views over the Preston Valley and the prospect of walking through one of the best stands of virgin jarrah forest in the south west. There are parts of the Track here that can get inundated during late winter so make sure those boots are water-proof! The descent to Balingup Brook is steep but the walk along the brook and into the village of Balingup is picturesque with rolling green hills and open landscape - cappuccino and a muffin anyone?

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  • Spur trail to Wellington National Park and Wellington Dam to the east.
  • Glen Mervyn Dam recreation area.
  • Mumballup Forest Tavern.
  • Numerous bubbling creeks in spring including Balingup Brook.
  • Views over the Preston River Valley.
  • Virgin jarrah forest.
  • Walking along sweeping rail formations.

Interesting Places

  • Coalfields Museum. An excellent display of Collie memorabilia, gemstones, mining, machinery, dolls, and photos are housed in this building.
  • The replica tourist coalmine was constructed in 1983 to commemorate the centenary of the discovery of coal. Tours of the mine provide an insight into the mining industry and the working conditions of the early underground miners.
  • A refreshing swim in the Collie River at Minningup Pool picnic site.
  • Wellington Dam and Wellington National Park are home to a number of bike and walk trails, vehicle based campsites as well as canoeing on the Collie River. The Bibbulmun Wellington Spur Trail connects the Bibbulmun Track with the dam and the park. The newly created Wiilman Bilya Trail means that your walk along the Bibbulmun Wellington Spur Trail can be extended from the dam to the Coalfield Highway. It is a moderately challenging full day walk in either direction with the option to camp over night at Nyingarn (echidna) campsite or at Potters Gorge. 

Day Walks

  1. Mungalup Rd bridge to Mungalup Dam and back (10.4km). Drive south on Mungalup Rd from Collie until you reach the Collie River.
  2. Glen Mervyn Dam to Mumballup Tavern and back (5.5km). Drive 17km south along the Collie-Preston Rd from Collie or 2km north from Mumballup. 
  3. Mumballup Tavern to Noggerup campsite and back (16.8km). Mumballup Tavern is 19km from Collie on the Collie-Preston Rd and 30km east of Donnybrook on Donnybrook-Boyup Brook Rd.
  4. Lowden-Grimwade Rd to Tower Rd via Grimwade campsite (9.8km).  From Lowden, a locality on the Donnybrook-Boyup Brook Rd, drive 12km along the Lowden-Grimwade Rd. Watch for Bibbulmun Track signs. Tower Rd can be accessed from the Lowden-Grimwade Rd. Beware of large logging trucks on these gravel roads.
  5. Kirup-Grimwade Rd to Grimwade Campsite and back (13km). From the town of Kirup on the South Western Highway, follow the Kirup-Grimwade Rd to the Bibbulmun Track crossing.
  6. Grimwade Rd to Balingup (6.8km). From the South Western Highway drive 4km along the Grimwade Rd (also known as the Balingup-Grimwade Rd as it is just north of Balingup) to the Track crossing.

Overnight Walks

  1. Collie to Yabberup campsite and back (39.2km, two days, one night)
  2. Collie to Mumballup one-way (31.6km, two days, one night).
  3. Mumballup to Balingup one-way (50km, three days, two nights).
  4. Collie to Balingup one-way (81.6km, four days, three nights).

Getting There

Collie is located 204km south of Perth. It is a drive of approx. two hours and twenty minutes from Perth CBD, via the Kwinana Freeway, Forrest Highway and Coalfields Highway.

TransWA service from Pemberton- SW3- through to East Perth Terminal departs Collie on a Tuesday and Thursday only. It arrives from East Perth Terminal on its way to Pemberton on a Monday and Wednesday.

Transperth train service from Perth to Mandurah and then the Transwa SW3 bus into Collie runs daily.

A taxi service is available in Collie for transfers to and from the Track. Some accommodation providers will transfer you to the Track, provided you are staying with them.

The same bus service to Collie also stops at the Mumballup Forest Tavern (but only if you have made a booking).

TransWA also have daily services to Balingup from Bunbury.

South West Coach Lines runs a daily service from Perth International Terminal stopping at Perth Esplanade Bus Port, Cockburn Central and Mandurah before going onto Bunbury and Collie.

Reflections from the Register

Yabberup campsite

Best thing I’ve ever done in the 53 years of my life…
John Hayes 30/06/09

As I sit here I feel the emotions pouring out of me
The stress and the strains of the day have faded away
I can now relax and contemplate the serenity of this place
I close my eyes and take a deep breath
The aromas are intoxicating
It is a moment to savour, but I hear the crackling of leaves
Someone approaches to end my solitude
It each out and grab a handful of velvety white paper
It is time to relinquish the dunny to another.

Victor H. 10/09/2008

Set out from Collie at 07.30. After walking north for 10km I realised I was going the wrong way! First (and hopefully the last) person to walk 40km from Collie to Yabberup. Might have been something to do with beer in the Federal hotel last night! Grimwade tomorrow—unless I end up back in Collie.
Jim Baker 10/09/2001

Noggerup campsite

Before this trip he would look upon me with affection
I could see the sparkle in his eyes that I would generate
But while we have bee walking it has been different
Most of the time he has his back turned to me
I can’t seem to do anything right
I’m to blame if he’s going too slowly
He thinks I should carry more but I can’t
I don’t know if this relationship will last
Five years we’ve been together and you would think
That level of commitment would be rewarded
But I know he has been looking at others
I know it can’t last forever, nothing does
So with every stitch that fails I feel one step closer
To being replaced with a newer backpack

Victor H  12/09/08

Marching Maidens! 14 women made it through the hail, rain, thunder and lightning! What a way to spend the weekend!
Mel 07/06/04

Grimwade campsite

This is the last shelter on the 11 day bushwalking trip that I went on to spice up my Australian holiday, and it has been the best part of the whole three months. The things I’ve seen, the things I’ve experienced and the people I’ve met in the bush—I can’t find the words to describe them.
Wojek, Poland  15/09/2000

Kept awake last night by a possum(?) dancing on the roof. Lovely setting though…
Sue (Dwellingup to Albany) 12/03/2002

Arrived here yesterday from charming Balingup in a howling wind. I walked down to the gorgeous Blackwood river for a swim and covered myself with mud—yippee!  Tomorrow, back to Balingup. Thank you to all those who do the maintenance for this wonderful Track.
Riziki  02/05/2002

Track Towns

  • Collie

    The Track links to Collie via a 2.7km spur trail. Collie is large enough to offer all the services expected of a regional centre, but small enough to retain its country charm and hospitality - it is a warm and friendly community surrounded by forests, rivers and lakes.

  • Balingup

    Balingup is a popular destination for our Bibbulmun Walking Break packages as, in addition to lovely scenery, the town offers an interesting variety of shops and some fabulous places to eat.


Full weather details available from Collieand Balingup.

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